Ukraine Justice For Women

Do the Ukraine women have equal rights? Is there violence against Ukrainian girls? Who will protect the Ukrainian women? Is domestic violence an issue in Ukraine? Who will help the Ukraine women?

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Like so many bad things in life, people do not want to talk about certain things. Nobody wants to talk about bad or lack of sex or their financial problems. Definitely, no one wants to talk about domestic violence. So who protects the women? Here in America, it is not talked about but it happens here quite a bit. Depending on the culture you come from it is more accepted to hit your wife. Some cultures do not agree with violence against women but they overlook it. I have heard many times this, if it was so bad why doesn’t the woman leave her husband?

I think most do not want to have to hear or deal with domestic violence. I have heard stories of communities passing judgment against men that beat their wives.

One such story is a friend of mine she was from Turkey. She was 5 months pregnant, her husband did not want the child. One morning they were in a terrible fight he was beating her stomach wanting for her to lose the baby. The neighbors heard the problem, went to her rescue. They beat the husband and put him in the hospital, but the child was lost. It was enough time for her to pack her things and leave the country. This is how she came to Las Vegas.

I remember when I first moved to Las Vegas it was a time when the so-called mafia controlled Vegas. I have to say it was much better times then before the corporations came in.

They did know how to take care of people back then. One night the pit boss gets a call from a dice dealer that was in jail for being drunk and disorderly. In about 1 and a half hours later the dealer was back to work. Another time an employee was in jail for beating his wife, nobody came to his rescue. You see we all know what is wrong and right we just need to be strong to support those that can not support themselves.

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This brings me to a story that a Ukrainian man told me about his wife. She was a food server in a nice cafe she liked her job, until the owner started to make advances to her.

He would do what so many men that have power think they have the right to do. Make sexual advance towards their employees. I once had a job as a casino manager very powerful position. I did not once make any sexual advances toward the woman. I did not have to, a man in power attracts some women so why force the issue? Back to the Ukrainian woman, one evening after work ended her boss cornered her in a back room and molested her.

She told him she is married and cannot let another man touch her. The boss did not care, told her to bring your man here so we can talk about it.

The owner knew not many men would support their wife in such a situation afraid she would be fired or worse. the woman did not tell her husband about what was happening at work. A few weeks go by and again the boss cornered her in the bathroom. This time he was more aggressive with her, he grabbed her from behind tried to take off her clothes. He tore her shirt and tried to pull off her stockings, the woman hit him and got away. On her way home she was scared what her husband would think happened.

She walked for an hour or two to figure out what to do. Comming home late he asked what were you doing out so late, then saw her shirt torn. He said are you seeing another man?

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She started to cry telling him the truth as best she could. He was so furious that he also did not know what to do. Being a little afraid of what might happen if he was to beat the boss. He could not sleep all night he had to do something, he loves his wife has to protect her. In the morning he cannot take it anymore goes to the cafe to confront the boss. He has a club with him to beat the boss, he enters the cafe hits the bar with the club. Yells to the owner to come out and face him!

Again he hits the bar, a man sitting at a corner table ask in a very calm voice what is wrong? Not knowing who this is he says it is none of your business!

The man at the table says come over here let us talk about it. He walks over to tell this very calm man what had happened to his wife. After he finishes his story this calm man said go home I will take care of this for you-you have my word. A few hours later the owner of the cafe is at their home, with gifts and a big apology to his wife. The owner says it will never happen again I am sorry for the problem I caused.

The owner leaves their home the man that helped them is now at the front door. He hands her an envelope tells her she can not go back to that cafe to work.

In the envelope is some money and an address, the calm man says to her now you go to this place tomorrow. They will be expecting you ask for Sergey. In the end, she was now working in a much nicer place received even a better pay. I ask the man telling me the story who was the guy that helped you he said who do you think? It was a mafia guy only such a man like that could do this for us. He then said they know how to take care of people, I am forever grateful for them.


I found the research on violence against women in Ukraine. Ukraine Crisis

Kyiv, April 06, 2017.

Every year about 1.85 million Ukrainian women suffer domestic violence. These are the results of the research conducted by UNFPA. But only a small part of victims contact the police (only 127,478 in 2016). Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces in cooperation with the NGO “La Strada – Ukraine” researched the criminal justice system and the way it solves cases involving domestic violence. The results were presented at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Within the research, they interviewed judges, prosecutors and police officers, analyzed the cases of domestic violence and its root causes. Unfortunately, the research has shown that Ukraine does not adequately respond to the problem of domestic violence and violence against women, society tolerates violence against women, and offenders avoid real punishment terms.

An ineffective investigation into violence against women

According to Alain Laferte, coordinator of the project “Gender and security programme” of Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, the research resulted in determining the key indicators of ineffective investigation of violence. Firstly, victims rarely report cases of violence. Moreover, such cases are often left without proper consideration and they are not even registered in the criminal justice system. Secondly, cases are often lost and not investigated. Accordingly, the court does not pass a judgment on such cases. Thirdly, courts do not pass any judgment to prevent further violence. Offenders receive less punishment and it does not stop them from committing more acts of violence which is a bad example.

This situation arose because of widespread gender stereotypes and partiality of law enforcement bodies and the judicial system that are skeptical of such cases and underestimate the importance of the case. They often blame the injured of becoming victims of violence. This causes distrust on the part of women. In addition, law enforcement agencies lack expertise in considering such cases due to insufficient staffing, said Alain Laferte. Read More

Here is one of the biggest reason I decided to start this company not only to help the lonely men left in Ukraine alone. But to help the beautiful Ukrainian women have a chance at a better life. Come with me to Ukraine and help someone that might turn out to be the love of your life.

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