Ukraine Online Dating Scams

The only sure way to not be scammed is to not use an online dating site. You have a 90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} chance of being scammed using a Ukraine online dating site!

Yes, the girls are real, most of the time but this is a business for online scammers. She is a paid associate of the company and in the end, she will also be scammed!  She gets a commission for every letter every live chat she has with a man. If you plan to go to Ukraine for a personal meeting. She will insist on an interpreter.  But it will most likely not be with the girl you met online. Here is where they make big money. Now instead of you dealing with the online company, you are with a dating agency two very different companies.

A guy I met told me when he was in Lviv he spent over 1400 dollars on an interpreter. He then found out the girl spoke English and did not need an interpreter.

Be Careful Of Women That Look Like This Scammer

But what do you do you are in a foreign country the laws are different and unless you recorded it you have no proof.

As I said before Ukraine online dating sites is a billion-dollar business!!

How did this come about over the last few years? It used to be the girl would ask you for money online for medicine or because her cell phone was stolen. But now it is a completely different scam. You do not even know it is happening because you are on a date with a beautiful woman. Like they always say if it looks too good to be true it probably isn’t true.Now do not understand me wrong I am not in any way saying the women in Ukraine are scammers. They are kind honest Christian people.

The first time this happened to me it took me a few days to realize what was happening. That thing we all have inside us says this is not true. She turned out to be

Katya Scam Photo

professional dater.

I am not talking about those professional dating services or professional matchmaker. I am referring to these independent agencies in Ukraine.That use girls to pretend to like a man and date him.They are just making money off these trusting sometimes desperate men! If you want to meet and date a woman say in a different city or on vacation how do you go about it? You go to a cafe nightclub or the beach, introduce yourself.So why do it different in Ukraine? Is it the language thing? No! Maybe we are afraid of Ukraine, it was once thought of our enemy. This is where I come in, book a tour with me and I will be your personal date guide.

I know this all started with the Russian mail order brides of many years ago. I have a few friends that did buy a wife over 20 years ago some of the marriages worked out, most did not.

But back then you had to pay the agencies a few thousand dollars as a finders fee.Now with the internet, it is easy, and these dating sites became smart and took advantage of the situation. When you go with me to Ukraine I have your back, you can meet girls or women the natural way. You see a pretty woman walk up to her and ask her name and we go from there. If you are not the best at meeting a woman, not a problem I have many secrets to show you. I will take you to cities that are not used to American men. The women will be more than happy to meet you and date you. Not for money not because they want something from you.

Over the years I have been to Ukraine, some of the women I meet tell me sad stories their experience. Many men are reading the scam info on the internet.

Pretty single mom

One such girl is Angel She was one of the cutest girls I ever met there a friend of mine introduced us. She was sweet kind and very easy to talk with. Though she did not speak a lot of English. How could this be? With google translate, the same app use on most of the chatting sites. Angel and I talked for several hours. We had a great time we talked about her life my life what was our plans in life. She told me she had to tell me something.

She said Rod I have a child she is three years old. If you want to continue meeting, you will have to except this. I was very taken by this; I was not thinking it was anything more than friends between us.

She was serious, looked me in the eyes and said I need an answer.So beautiful and very mature how could I be so lucky. I asked Angel how old she was and she told me 25, no way I could not believe it! I asked Angel how old do you think I am she said it does not matter. I said why you would want to be with me? We just met and how can you think I am a good man. She said I could feel it in my heart you are a good man.Most men that date me by the second date they ask for sex. They think a girl with a child is desperate.

She asked if we were to get married would you care for my daughter as she was your own. I said yes, of course, I would if we were to be married.

You see I knew you were a good man. Then said, that is why young Ukrainian girls marry older men. What do I do how I could be with such a young woman. I was thinking how I could do this what would people think? I asked, Angel could we meet tomorrow? She said, of course, can I bring my daughter?

 I went to a friend told her what happened, she said so what is the problemIt happens here, young girls marry older men but not a girl with a child most men do not want a woman with a child.

Single Mom

My friend said Angel might think you are the only hope she has to be happy, and you are a good guy Rod. It is a normal thing here don’t think of it in a different way. So many single moms are looking for a man that will accept them. When they find a man that does not mind she has a child. It is very rare, she will do all she can to make sure it is good. If it is then she will with all her heart try to win his.

 I met Angel the next morning with her daughter; we sat in the park most of the time. It was a good day, her daughter was a lovely little girl. But my mind could not understand why this beautiful young woman wants to be with me.

After some time I could not do it anymore I said Angel I need to talk to you. Angel, we can be friends I can help you any way you like, but it is too much for me to understand why! She started to cry saying you do not want me with my child. I said Angel I will help you to find a nice man to marry. She said I want you, Rod.I said I don’t think it will work. She went to her daughter and left me sitting there.

My friend called me the next day and said she spoke with Angel both were very upset with me. She also asked did you promised Angel you would find her a man to marry?

Single Mom

I told her I would try she is a good, beautiful young woman, it would not be hard to find a good man more her age. What happened a few months later is sad very sad. I did talk with Angle over the months, she told me she met two men from America. They thought I was a scammer because I am so beautiful, they would not take me seriously. She said it is sad how my country is looked upon now. All Ukraine women are scammers, only want money!

I wish I could have been with her when she met one of these guys. I have been in Ukraine with the culture, the way the women think. It is not like western women.

These women only want a man to complete their family, this is what they are taught as small girls. Get married have a family live a simple happy life. Most know they will never drive a car have a big house, these things will not make them happy. Come with me to Ukraine, I will help you find a good woman.

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  1. Is it true about the single mom i could date one of these young women? I have not found a good woman here in Germany. I am divorced also does it matter?

  2. Hi Gunther, you could very well meet a single mom. These women are the kindest most loyal women there are. It does not matter if you are divorced or if you have children. Ukraine women are very open-minded!

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