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Ukraine online dating scams start here. Hiring people to do the dirty work for them. This is a fraction of the number of jobs offered. 

When you read through these adds, the first thing I see is the amount of money offered. If these jobs were real, well what I mean if they paid what they wrote here. There would not be any online dating jobs. If the word got out you could make this amount of money. Every Ukraine person I know that speaks English would work for them. 12000 UAH is the best pay you would find in Ukraine which is about $420. It is more than twice the amount most make in a month. Another thing it does not say anything about gender, both men and women can apply!

I am not saying every online dating Ukraine site is a scam, why do they need so much help? If the pay was that good no one would leave a job like that.

Trustworthy Girl?

Well, the truth is most people that have tried these jobs quit after the first month. Because they do not get paid what was promised. I know a few girls who did this type of work, only made $1 or $2 for the month. So they scam the foreign men, but also the translators that did all the work! This is why I do not want to be associated with Ukraine online dating. When you allow random people to sign up and do not check their identification there is no way to control it. But even if they do check whos to say the girl is trustworthy?

I have signed up for a few online dating sites as a woman. They did not ask me for anything more than a name and email address. I uploaded a few fake photos and I was approved, simple.

I was told some of the big companies check passports of the girls. If you are corresponding with a Ukraine woman, ask for her passport. If she says she does not have one she is lying they are required for every citizen over 16 years of age. It is a shame the Ukraine women and girls are being blamed for these scams. Most of the women I know either have tried online dating and quit or never tried it. This is another reason I do not have online profiles of women. It does not work for either side.

Marta scamm girl
Not A nice woman

 The other day I received an email from a man that was corresponding with Marta a woman from Ukraine that scammed me. This gentleman asked me are you sure she is a scam?

I took the time to date her to find out if there are scammers in Lviv like I was told. I let her take advantage of me for several days to make sure she was not honest. Then I write an article about her to warn men about her, or other agencies doing this. I Recieve a letter asking are you sure she is a scam? You may laugh at this but this is how they work. These pretty women get your confidence, then they get your money. This is what makes it a scam. She was working with an agency and interpreter both of their jobs were to get as much money as they could from me. Marta scammer

They only way the scam will work is if they have a victim. With all the lonely men in the world looking for someone to love they are easy targets. How do I know this? I was one of them for several years.

This is why I started this company to help the lonely men, but also to help the lonely women. Without taking advantage of either party. look at these adds I found online in Ukraine. There was page after page of these adds, this is only one work site I visited.

Translator in the marriage agency, 12000 UAH

Golembiєevska OM, FOP  · Kyiv  ·  2 weeks. ago

Distance robot.

Priority to employees with experience, if experience is there – immediately indicate in the accompanying text! Experience…

Interpreter in the marriage agency, 15000 UAH

Lucky Marriage, international marriage agency  · Kyiv  ·  3 weeks. ago

Distance robot, ready to take a student.

Marriage agency with 6 years of experience and an office in the center of Kiev is looking for young and ambitious people, …

Interpreter in the marriage agency , 15000 UAH

7 sky  · Kiev  ·  3 weeks. ago

Full-time employment, part-time employment, distance work, ready to take a student.

Beautiful Ukraine scammer

The top marriage agency requires translators with a good knowledge of English. The work is remote. You can …

Translator in the marriage agency , 20000 UAH *

dating site  · Kyiv  ·  3 weeks. ago

Full employment, distance work, ready to take a student.

The top marriage agency requires translators with a good knowledge of English. Work in the office. By…

I have tried to do what I can to help men to not be scammed. The men have to realize if you join an online Ukraine dating site the odds are extremely against you.

That is the problem we want to believe the women especially if they are beautiful right? Here is a question. when you meet a beautiful woman in a cafe, she is so nice to you what do you think? You think what does this sexy woman want from me money? Why is it different when you meet a beautiful woman online, why do you trust her? I do not understand how our minds work! What is it about Ukraine and Russian women that we believe them?

Pretty Girl

 I am not saying all Ukraine date sites are a scam or that Ukraine women just want to take your money. They are out there if you are not careful you could be the next victim of an online scam.

Do yourself a favor if you are communicating with a woman from Ukraine. You have some doubts if she is real or lying to you write me I will help you discover if she is what you hope she is, real. I will do this free of charge, for the same reason I do anything. Because I was there once not knowing who to turn to for help.

Do you wish to visit Ukraine? Are you having some doubts about how to do this? Then come with us to Ukraine you will have the time of your life.

You may also meet the women of your life, at the very least you will meet as many women you like. With our personal tour to Ukraine we take care of everything for you all you do is show up.We will pick you up at the airport. You will stay in a modern apartment in the city center we will provide interpreters if needed. All for one cost to you no hidden fees or extras will be added.

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  1. Hello,
    I have been in contact with a Ukraine girl on the Victoria dating site. Some of the things she writes to me seem false but she gives a good excuse of avoiding the truth for security reason. I just wanted to ask if you had any knowledge of this web site and if so I will send you the woman I’m writing to details.

  2. Hello Shaun, Is it Victoriahearts or victriadate? By the way what security reasons is it? Is she a spy? You want to date her not steal her credit info. Shaun, you can send me her details I will research her for you.

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