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I remember the first time I decided to help men to meet and date Ukraine women. It was in Kiev about three years ago. I was sitting in a pub, and I met a guy from Australia.

A Photoshop Girl

He seemed to be lost; I overheard him talking to the bartender and telling his story. It was a story that I have heard so many times now that I am in this business. I am a Ukraine personal date guide; this is what one of my female friends from Ukraine called me. The story is the same for so many men that came to Ukraine to find a wife and left confused and broke! They joined an online Ukraine dating

Photoshop Ukraine Girl

site. There are many such sites out there these days. All of them will try to get as much money from you as they can and then leave you wondering what just happened.

You will join for free they tell you, but you will have no access to the girls. They show you so many sexy Ukraine girls photos which are all photoshopped! So us being men we fall for the sexy girl, we do know better, but we are men, right? 

These two women left, and right are real girls, but they do not look like this it is all computer generated. I know many Ukraine women that joined a dating site but do not check their profiles. It is ironic that most of the men on these sites are there for fun not to date a Ukraine girl. So most girls are tired of empty promises from these foreign men, they get discouraged and quit. Funny thing is when a girl quits the site her profile and photos stay on the site! Here is where a professional translator takes over the girls profile and pretends to be the girl.

The translator often is a man, the only requirements to be a translator is you must be able to read and write English.

Most translators only last a month, like the men using this site they are promised great thins high pay and so on. Come to find out they just make a few dollars a month. Everyone is getting scammed the real girls the translator and the men using the site. What a perfect business these sites are. You take and promise, and you have to pay nothing.

Now if you are one of the genuine men that is looking for a real relationship. To make plans and go to Ukraine you will be the victim every time.

Here is how they work over the men that go to Ukraine. After months and many dollars spent communicating. You decide to make plans to visit the girl or girls that you have been writing or chatting. These companies will offer you one of two trips a tour with many men or a one on one meeting with the girl. Both are a scam! The tour you will be with many men and met girls in a nightclub or convention room. Many professional daters will be there for the men. These are girls that get paid to date a foreign man by the agencies. I have talked with many men that have been on these tour group meetings. All say they met many beautiful girls, but not many have a real date. If they do, it will cost them extra. And none of the men reached the girls they were writing or chatting over the last months online!

 With Ukraine personal date guide you will meet and date as many women as you like. In my experience, most men only date one or two women. Because they find one, they want very soon. Ukraine women are different than what foreign men are used to, in their own country. 

Julia Kiev Woman
Nastya From Kharkov

Imagine meeting and dating women like these two here, Julia and Nastya real girls looking for a man to love them and take care of them.

OK, now the second type of meeting it will be personally all set up by the agency. They decide where you will stay where you take the girl and of course supply you with an interpreter. Even if the women spoke English, you would have an interpreter. The interpreter is a chaperone for the company, not the women you date. She will be very controlling and will not for a second leave you two alone. Even though the girl is in on the whole scam, they will always be together. The woman will be very charming, pretend to like you flirt with her eyes. But there will not be much touching maybe she will let you hold her hand. I was told by one such agency woman. That if she went off with the man alone, she would be accused of prostitution. It was a way to scare her and make her follow their scam.

Some men, I have talked with spent over $1400 for an interpreter for a week. Another $1000 on food and gifts for the girl.

So back to why I started this tour date company. After meeting so many foreign men stranded in Ukraine because he figured out they were being scammed. Or the girl left him because he would not do what she asked. These men are for the most part are good guys. They were lonely looking for something new a different type of woman. I myself started this way too, many years ago sitting in a bar in Donetsk Ukraine. Feeling sorry for myself, I remembered thinking I should just get back on the plane and come home. So when I meet these men, I knew what they were going through, so I helped them. Some I took to the park some to the mall, and I showed them how to approach a Ukraine woman.

So many Ukraine dating sites say they can help you date a Ukraine girl right? But first you have to meet them, and the rules are different here.

Once you met one and we figured out within a few minutes if she likes you, it is up to you. A few men I coached on meeting and dating women call me their hero. Why do I do this is simple. There are so many Ukraine women and girls that are lonely and have no chance to change their lives for the better. So I do it for them, over the years in Ukraine I have met many many women single and lonely. I did not ask the reason for this I just wanted to help them find their love. There are many western men looking to go to Ukraine. With the right situation, I can connect the two. Like me, in the beginning, I knew I wanted some new type of woman in my life. I did not know how to do this. After years of trying and failing with the help of my new Ukraine friends, I figured it out. If you are at this spot in your life, looking for something new someone new and different come with me to Ukraine!

If you have a question or comment, please write to me.

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20 Replies to “Ukraine Personal Date Guide!”

  1. Hey Rod how are you? I just got back from Vinnitysa. I saw Tatiana again and it looks like we might be getting married in the summer. You are the best, thanks for all the help in Ukraine.

  2. Hey John, how are you? I see pretty good from your comment!! If I remember right you are from L.A. right? I am happy that you are going to be a lucky man and marry Tatyana. I do remember her very pretty girl, I wish you 2 the best. Rod

  3. Hi Rod. A very interesting article. I have toying with the idea of finding someone overseas but I have not pulled the trigger as yet because fo all the scams I have heard about. Also, I would like to know what kind of cost is involved with this? Is it expensive? I have heard numbers like $20 000 which seems excessive to me or is that what it takes? Thanks in advance for your reply. 🙂


  4. Carl thanks for the comment. Yes if you use some of the online Ukraine dating companies you would spend $20,000 maybe even more. I have brought men to Ukraine for less than $5000 for 7 days and they had a great time.I do not believe in making money off other emotions! If you would like to come and meet and of course date a few of these remarkable women let me know.

  5. Very interesting article and website on meeting, and dating Ukranian women. I was not aware that most of the foreign dating sites are scams. I should not be surprised though, as I have heard stories about Russian/Eastern European scams. You are providing a great service to men looking for these women. I wish you success in this honorable endeavor.

  6. Thank You, yes, the scamming is getting out of control. I did not intend to start a business like this. But out of necessity and my love for the Ukraine people I did. I not only hope to stop Western men from getting scammed but also help the amazing Ukraine women!

  7. Hi Rod you are the best I had the best time in Ukraine with you and plan to go back to Vinnitsa soon. You know I did not meet that one special woman but I did have the best time. Thanks for the real experience!!

  8. Hey, Colen, you are very welcome. I am very happy you had such a great time with us. I think you might not be right, Yulia has been asking about you. Give me a call if you like and we can discuss it. Thanks for the comment Colen.

  9. I belong to one of those online date sites and you wrote sometimes it is a man traslating letters right? Do you have proof of this I have many doubts now. I could be writing a man what the fu…

  10. Hi Chen, yes we can find you an interpreter that speaks Chinese. There are some Ukraine girls I have met that speak Mandarin. 我們可以給你一個翻譯

  11. yes I have used this site it is a total scam. many sexy photos of girls but it is not real. stay away.

  12. Hi sinor date guide you look to be good at helping men. how does it work. I would like to know more

  13. Hello, date guide I am on an online date site how do I know if she is a real girl I am talking to?

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