Ukraine Personal Dating Guide

I have read time after time how men get either scammed or taken advantage of when going to date A Ukrainian girl. It is not the fault of online dating sites it is a 50-50 fault. The lonely men that believe a sexy photo and has lost his sense of reason. Also, some dating agencies in Ukraine are not trying to help people meet. But to make money off people trying to find love.

I have met with men, read many stories about men being scammed. As they say, it takes two. It still surprises me to why a man would sign up to an online dating site to meet a girl from another country. Yes, the internet is so convenient now to talk with someone anywhere in the world. For someone that says to me, they met a Ukrainian girl online.

I ask them how can you meet anyone online? I the virtual world now or new real world? If this is true them stay home with your virtual girlfriend.

Please do not go to Ukraine thinking this virtual girl is going to meet you at the airport. If she does she will not be what you think she is from chatting with her. Do we forget about phone sex? Remember before the internet there were I think 900 numbers that have women talk about sex with you. 100$ later you go to sleep alone. What is the difference with these girls online? It is their job to keep you talking obviously more time more money they receive!!

With Personal Date Guide Ukraine, we help you meet and date real girls in Ukraine. For instance, I or one of my colleagues will be with you show you the correct way to approach a girl.

Can you believe this we will take you to the best places to meet a girl? If you are a bit shy, we will do all the work for you. I will give you an example. One morning a client of mine was sitting in a cafe drinking coffee for 4 hours. He called me wanted me to meet him at the cafe. When I arrived he was sitting in the far corner.

I asked him what is going on, why have you been here for so long? He said do you see that girl the waitress? I find her to be so amazing, I would love to have a girl like her.

In an earlier time, I would have told this guy to grow some balls and talk to her. But knowing what I know about being in a foreign country it is not that easy. I know this from the early years of going to Ukraine. I asked him why he did not talk to her?  He said I do not think she speaks English but also she looks very young. I went up to the counter to ask for some tea so he thought.

I asked the girl how old she was if she was married. She replied I am 31 have two kids and single for some years. She smiled asked why do you want to know this?

I told her that my friend over in the corner thought she was very beautiful. I told her we could meet after she was off work if she was interested. I walked back over to my client, told him he was going to meet her for drinks after she was off work. They both looked at one another and smiled. I also told him she was 31 with 2 kids.

All he said to me was thank you for helping me. Then he said I do not have a friend that would do something for him like this.

Having a Date coach is one thing. Having that same date coach practice what he taught you is quite a different thing. This is what we do, think about it all you have to do is show up in Ukraine we have everything else covered. From picking you up from the airport to meeting and dating girls. Even we take care of your travel to and from the airport. When was the last time you traveled to a different city and had all your needs taken care of? On top of that took you to the best places to meet girls to date?

I have noticed over the last year or so the Ukrainian girls are becoming more excepting of leaving their country. I do not want to use the word desperate maybe more willing to see what else is out there.

Most of the younger girls I say from 30 down to 21 years old are learning English or German to prepare them for a move to another country. This was not the case 8 years ago when I first went to Ukraine. In saying this I feel there will be more scamming going on. The more popular something becomes so do the people that want to take advantage of others.

let me ask you this when was the last time you heard about say the Philippines or Thailand had dating scammers? It does happen in these countries but it is not so popular as in Ukraine.

Why you might ask? I have been trying to figure this out for years. I think it is because Eastern Europe was feared for so many years. That many still feel it is a dangerous place to visit. To be honest I do not know the whole reason for this. I do know with our help you will not need to wonder why this is or if you are going to be scammed.

Maybe you think the girl you are writing or chatting with is a scammer. The odds are great that you are. Many girls are becoming familiar with these agencies.

I can not say I blame the girls with the economy so bad there now. Everyone needs to eat and have a roof over their head right? It is sad to me to think this country I love so much is getting worse and worse. I hope and pray the good people of Ukraine will come through this terrible time. I also know if you decide to come to Ukraine with us.  Meet a girl date her then after some time fall in love and marry her. Both you and her will have a better life. 



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