Ukraine Personal Guide

What will you get with us an experience you will not forget we will be your personal tour guide in Ukraine.

Kiev apartment
Our Apartment Included

What comes with our Ukraine tour package? We will provide you with round trip transfer from Kiev Boryspil Airport to our apartment office. You will stay in a modern Apartment in the city center in a safe and easy access to markets, cafes, and restaurants. During your stay, we will find Ukraine women for you to date. Not prearranged women but women in parks malls or cafes.Over the past eights years, I have been introduced to most of the dating customs and will coach you on what to say and do when you meet a woman. The most important thing you need to date a beautiful Ukraine woman is how to meet her. Not online with some prearranged professional dater. A girl that is paid to meet you and have you believe she likes you. Only for you to realize in the end, you have been scammed.We will show you how to meet a girl even if you are a shy person.

old kiev apartment
Their Apartment $100 A Day

What can be the cost to travel to Ukraine using other companies? I have met men that have paid over 15,000 dollars to meet a girl in Ukraine.

The other online site charges for membership every month, plus the translation of the letter you write. Photos of the girl are extra on some sites $5 to $20 per photo. let us see the typical cost of a six-month romance on an online Ukraine dating site. I know this by personally being scammed on a few sites. Membership $180 chatting with a girl 30 minutes a day four days a week $528. Most sites suggest you do not focus on one girl and communicate with multiple girls. They say you have a better chance to find a real girl

not a real ukraine girl
Not A Real Ukraine Girl

this way! So, times four girls $2112. If you decided to meet a girl in Ukraine, you would have to pay for her personal information this is around $250 per girl. So an extra $1000. If you are someone that can stick to a plan that would cost you a little under $3200. For a virtual romance online.

Now you have to make plans to travel to meet the one or how many girls you decided to meet through this dating agency.


Of course, most men that have not traveled internationally need some help. Which the agency will be glad to help you book a flight, transfers and an apartment. With their professional help the flight $800 to $1200 from the west coast of US. Transfers from the airport $60 the apartment in Kiev 100 dollars a night. When you are in Kiev and wish to meet one of the girls you met online, there will be a fee for interpretation. If the girl speaks English, she will fool you and say she needs an interpreter that is $25 to $30 an hour, time 8 hours $200 a day. Food cost, there are many very good places to eat in Kiev, and most are not too expensive. But the interpreter will tell you where the girl wants to meet with you. It will always be a very overpriced restaurant some could be over $110 a person, of course, you will have to feed the interpreter too! That is $4000!

Price for seven days $7200! This is without spending money on the girl’s wants and needs!!


How much would it cost to take a vacation to a popular city? Say to Miami, Las Vegas, London maybe Moscow what you would expect to pay for a seven days trip to one of these cities? I have been to those cities, and it would cost from $6000 to over $ 8000 in Moscow! But this would not include a personal date coach to meet and date beautiful women. Here is what we do for you first the cost $3500 for seven days in Kiev. You will be picked up at the airport, driven to your modern, safe apartment that we will provide.

shopping with dasha
Shopping With Dasha

The first night will be the meeting of our five guests; it will be a special night I  assure you!!

We will be in contact with you every step of the way. When you arrive at your apartment, we will meet with you and show you the essentials. Where the nearest market is to shop for needed items bottled water beer and wine for the ladies. The best cafes in your area where to go and where not to go. This is just for an emergency! We will be available to you all throughout the day and night by phone or personal contact. Day by day we will introduce you to some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

There are no limits to how many women you can meet. Most men meet two or three before they decide to date a woman.

julia looking for love
Julia Looking For Love

When an interpreter is needed, we will provide you with one. The first five hours is on us after that it will be $10 an hour. For those women that do not speak English, it will take a day or two to let her feel comfortable with you. After this time the interpreter will no longer be needed. We will be in the background, and you can call on us for any reason. Those of you that met and date a woman that you want to return and see again we will provide you with assistance at a deep discount from our normal fee. Let me be honest I am getting paid for my services! All through the years of traveling to Ukraine, I learned that I could help many people find their love. I am providing each half the assistance to find love without an ulterior motive.

I see there are many Ukraine girls and women in need of a good man; I also see many western men wanting something new. It is a perfect match I feel!!

Looking for that one woman to marry and be with the rest of your life or you want to come and see what it is like to date a Ukraine woman. Come with me to Ukraine it will be the time of your life. Date Ukraine Women! Let’s break down the cost of coming with us to Ukraine vs. the other Ukraine dating sites. With, date Ukraine it will cost you $3400 plus spending cash about $50 per day or $4000 total. With the other sites, it will cost $7200 including the six-month online romance plus spending money. Just at $8000 for a chance that the girl is even a real honest person. For a woman that is truly looking for love, not money! Of course these figures and not absolute, in my experience traveling it is very close.

It is up to you who to trust,  some say I should charge more for my services. Like the big online Ukraine date companies! I could but there are many men that are not financially able to pay a high price. Money does not make the man and I am looking for good men for these Ukraine women.

If you have a question or comment, please write me. If it is more of a personal question, I am available to talk to you by phone or Skype let me know.

Rod L.

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12 Replies to “Ukraine Personal Guide”

  1. So you are a personal guide and you take men like me to Ukraine right? Can you guarantee I will meet a Ukraine women I like?

    1. Hi Carlos, I can guarantee you will meet a Ukraine women if you come with me to Ukraine. You will find her with my help and if you pick her out I am sure you will like her. Take a chance come to Ukraine with me!!

  2. Hi I just came across your post, sounds to me like a real novel idea for a fraction of the cost other sites are charging.

    One thing that I am not sure of though, if I am able to meet a woman through your services, and I require an interpreter how can we take the relationship further? I mean I can’t have an interpreter join us for every date, would you suggest some sort of language classes if the relationship becomes more serious?

    1. My main goal is to bring people together not to make money on others emotions like so many date sites do. When you take a tour with me if the woman does not speak English yes you will need an interpreter. With me, for the first two days, you will need an interpreter. Then the two of you will go off on your own and learn how to communicate. This prosses will let you and the girl connect. If you do not connect it is not wise to continue seeing her. For the future, most Ukraine girls have taken English classes in school they are familiar with the language. It will take only a few months of her studying to get comfortable with English. There are quite a few English schools in every city of Ukraine. The cost is very affordable.

  3. You look like a guy that can take care of himself so I’m sure it would be safe to travel with you around a foreign country and having someone to show you around a new place is always a bonus. Why Ukraine?

    1. Thank you for your comment. The funny thing is in Ukraine you will not feel threatened. The people are very passive to a point and they will always help someone in need. Why Ukraine you ask, it is a long story. Let me say I was looking for something different, my grandfather was from Russia. After visiting Russian and then Ukraine I felt very peaceful in Ukraine. If you would like to read my story go to this link

  4. Really!!!
    I can not believe men spend this much money to date an Ukraine woman. This means men are not interested in their own country?

    1. Hello, it is always nice to get a woman’s perspective! Yes, men do spend a lot to find a partner, most men I know that go to Ukraine to find a wife. Are one of two type either they can’t find a woman where they are from or they have a bad experience and want a change.

  5. Hi I have been to Ukraine a few times. I am from Europe. I did not find it very easy to date the women. What is the trick the secret if you will. Can you promise if I buy a tour with you I will date some pretty women or you can not make such a promise!!

    1. Hello, if you want to know the secret come with me to Ukraine. The women there can be a little difficult but I will show you the correct way and yes you will date a Ukraine woman or more!

  6. you write you keep your price down to help men with not a lot of money. do you have any discount for men that do not have much?

    1. Hey, Carl, how are you? I do have a discount if you and a friend come together it will be at a discount. If you bring you and 4 men with you could save $500. Write me and we can discuss it.

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