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I have been getting some email that asks why I have not written about my trips as a private tour guide to Ukraine!

The answer is these are private tours, and most men do not want to talk about it. It is about finding the love of your life not bragging about dating beautiful Ukraine women! I have asked some of my clients if they would mind me telling some of their stories and a few said OK. I will not mention any names here just a summary of some of the better and different events.

If I want to mention stories while in Ukraine I have to first tell you about a man from the midwest of the USA. He was in his early 50’s a bit shy and doubted everything he did.

When I met him the first thing he said to me was, I do not even know why I am doing this! I knew it would take some special care for this guy. On the first afternoon, we walked through the park, and I told him (OK let me just call him Carl) if you see someone you like let me

Sveta Carl’s Girl

know. Carl and I walked for a few hours and finally, I said did you see anyone you like and want to meet? He said yes a few, but they do not wish to meet me! I told him you need to stop thinking like an old American man and think like a police officer. Carl asked, why a cop? Because they are very confident and not afraid to talk with anyone right? Now I was watching him see when he would look at a woman.

A few minutes later a beautiful woman walked by. I walked over to her and told her my friend thinks you are amazing. She smiled and looked at Carl and smiled at him.

The look on his face was so nice as he smiled back at her. I said Carl come over here and meet Sveta! His whole demeanor changed as he walked to her. She put her hand on his arm and said you think I am amazing? But being Carl, he said how old are you? She looked at him and said you can not ask me this! Carl said well if you will not tell me we will leave, he then turned around. She mistook this for confidence, but he turned around because he thought she was too young and beautiful for him, he later told me. As she stood there, I thought what do I do now. I told her he does not like young girls, and Carl thinks you are very young. She smiled again and said wow thank you, Carl, but I am a mature woman (42 by the way). It was all that it took, and the two of them spent the rest of the week together. I understand he has returned to see her again.

 Another guy I remember very well was a little younger in his early 40’s I will call him Joe. Now Joe thought he was a ladies man but told me he has not dated for several months.


Katya From The Gym

We were at the gym, and Joe thought all the girl were looking at him. A few were, but not all, he would walk up to every girl and say I am from America. They would smile and then walk away. I told him you can not just walk up to every girl like this; they think you are a fool. I calmed him down, and we started to workout again. There were many women in this gym, I would say over 25 in such a small place. I saw a woman working out with a cast on her arm; she was looking at Joe. I said go over to her and ask if she needs help. He did, and they spent two hours working out together. I asked Joe if he was OK he said ya I am fine, so I left them together. Joe later that night called me and thanked me for this wonderful woman he said he could not have met such a beautiful woman without me.

Here is what I do, I help you find a girl meet her. When the two of you feel comfortable together, I leave you alone. If in the future you need some assistance at any time, I will be available for you by phone or personal meeting.

Let us be honest; if you are looking to go to Ukraine to find a good woman. Then you probably have a hard time meeting women in your home city. This is how I started too! Over the last few years, I went from being a lonely man in my town to a man that can’t wait to go to work. Help as many Ukraine women I can and in turn help some lonely men too. I have many stories about my trips to Ukraine some good and to be honest some not so good. One man I coached was a bit difficult to work with. He talked down to the girls as though he was a great American. Most thought he was nothing more than an arrogant man that they are used to in some Ukraine men. I did try to help him; he did date a few women. But in the end, he was not a good guy for the Ukraine women.

 When people ask, me why do I do this? My answer is always the same to help the lonely women of Ukraine. It is such a great feeling when I get two people together.


I get many thanks from the men and the women sometimes even tears of joy with some women. One I remember very well, her name was Irina very sweet lady. She met a man from Chicago, a successful businessman. He will not admit I had anything to do with their great success together, which is fine. Irina emails me now and then telling me how happy she is that I found her a good man. I don’t do this for the pats on the back, but it sure feels good when I get them!!

If you have doubts about my services or if I will be a good fit for you. Write me, and we can set up a talk on the phone or chat on skype. If you are sure you want to take a trip to Ukraine and meet some beautiful women come with me to Ukraine 


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12 Replies to “Ukraine Personal Tour Guide”

  1. Hello, I want to know do you charge more if I want to meet more than one women? I hears that most companies charge per date is this true with your company??

  2. No, absolutely not you pay only once. You can date all the women you like. I have to warn you most guys don’t they seem to meet a woman they like and date only her. Yes, most companies do charge extra for more girls.

  3. Is this real? there are many women to date in Ukraine how is it possible. I am a middle aged man looking to find a woman to settle down with. But I have heard these women only want a american passport.

  4. are you sure you do this for the women? I do not believe you are you some saint or something. how dificult is it to date a single mom there?

  5. HI Chuck, like all countries the women and men want a better life. I know how you feel with all the scams going on in the world, it is hard to trust people. It is real Chuck there are many women looking not only for a foreign man but any man. Come with me to Ukraine you will not regret it!

  6. Patrick, I am not a saint. I do like to help people and I do get paid for this. Come with me to Ukraine and I will show you how easy it will be for you to meet a very nice single mother.

  7. Hello Mat, I am from New Zeland do you work with us? If so how do we do this private date thing. I am looking for a wife a good woman can you help??

  8. Hello I found your article on facebook and wonder what exactly you do? I have looked for a Philippines girl but did not find one. I am looking fror a kind lady but also a woman that likes the outdoors. Can you help me with this?

  9. Hi mate from New Zeland, how are you? I work with anyone that is looking to go to Ukraine to date these women. I can help you, Mike, book a tour with me, I will take care of all the rest.

  10. Hi Oliver, you have come to the right place. There are many women that are kind and also not afraid to work. Most Ukraine people I have been with love the outdoors. To have a bbq in the forest is a great time.

  11. Hello, Jim, yes it is a one time fee. If you have the energy you can date 3 women a day!! After I show you the secrets to dating the women you will not need a guy like me.

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