Ukraine The Second Largest Country In Europe

This is a bad review of a great country! 

Those of us that have been to Ukraine know it is a beautiful place it is I believe the 3rd largest grower of wheat in the world. If you go there in the spring or summer the amount of fresh fruit and berries are amazing.

How to pick up girls in Ukraine? Or maybe the title should be how to find yourself in a great country but sit and talk to soldiers!!

Don’t get me wrong the Ukraine soldiers are a great and very friendly group. Whenever I meet a Ukraine shoulder I shake his hand and say, American friend. I always get a smile and sometimes a hug from these warriors. As a people, I feel Ukrainians are very passive.

This video is as about as helpful to meeting a girl as standing on the corner with a sign saying date me. If he had just the simple fundamentals of the Ukraine culture this video would be much different. He would be talking about all the beautiful girls he met. I have been going to Ukraine for 7 years now and if you want to know something about the culture of Ukraine write me or leave me a reply.

 How to met and date a beautiful Ukraine girl is what I can show you and do for you.

Not how to pick up girls’ or how to pick up girls in a nightclub and for sure will not show you

Anna Lugansk
No pickup line for Anna a simple hi did it

how to pick up women in Ukraine. Wait did this guy show us one girl that he picked up? You see this is common in Ukraine if you are from another country they are very apprehensive to talk with you. Even girls that speak English will tell you not I don’t speak English. Unless you show them you are humble and at least speak a little Ukraine or Russian, a simple previt pronounced pre as in preview then vet like Corvette, which means” hi” will get you a long way there.

He also makes a statement that there are more women in Ukraine than men! Doesn’t anyone use google? Google it there are more men in Ukraine than women. Sometimes it seems there are more women because Ukraine men do not go to clubs very often.

I think there are more single girls in Ukraine than in other countries. 

Most of the girls you will see at cafes or restaurants will be single from what I understand it is not common for married women to go out alone. All you need to do is learn some of the Ukraine dating cultures. I can teach you this what took me 3 years to finally understand and use it.

If you want to find your Ukraine girl or woman I have trips scheduled in the future click the link below.

Date Ukraine Women Cost

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4 Replies to “Ukraine The Second Largest Country In Europe”

  1. Ya this guy is not very much help but thanks to you I have a better understanding of the country of Ukraine

  2. Thanks, I am trying to help improve the way some see Ukraine it is a very good country and its people.

  3. I did think this guy is an idiot if it was for this video I would never want to go there. I hope it is like you write.

  4. Hi, Dan, I do not think the guy in the video is an idiot. How can you only spend a week in a place and think you know how things work

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