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Now, this is a company that has been in business for a few years. They have tours from one city to five different cities I believe. They take their tour groups of many men to socials at a nightclub-like setting.

This is not how you find a girl to date, most of these Ukraine girls are not interested in dating a foreign man just to have a free night out. I have met some girls that went to a social or group meeting like in this video, and all of them said they would not go again.

Many men show up but a lot more women. As you see in the video it is like a big party, is this what you think is right for you. Is this how you date in the country you are from? I have not been on this type of tour, but I have talked with men that have. They say it is fun many women or girls wanting your attention, but at the end of the night you get back on the bus and end up in your hotel room alone. Now with my company me or one of my colleagues we do what is normal to meet a girl. We take you to parks markets and just walk in the streets. There are many cafes, and all are great ways to meet Ukraine girls.

 With us, you will have a Ukraine tour package!

You will meet many Ukraine girls this way; you see most Ukraine women or girls are fascinated by foreign men. Even more so English speaking men! Yes, it is that easy to find a girl to date, but you can not just walk up to Ukraine girls.

You have to have a plan, and we teach you this.

beautiful Ukraine Sveta from Odessa
         Sveta from Odessa

When I learned the dating rules or should I say the Ukraine culture to approach a girl and ask her a question. It was like a blessing, and I got goosebumps all over. I was with a friend lets call him Igor. He showed me and told me what I should and what I should never do when approaching a Ukraine girl. It is so cool that there are rules and there is really no gray area. You know when you meet a girl in America it is hard to read them do they like you or are they just trying to be nice? It is sometimes so difficult to date here in America. In Ukraine, it is almost black and white once I found this out well let me just say I had five dates in one day.

5 different girls, I was on fire. But the sad thing was they all wanted to see me again tomorrow. There was no way I could do that again I was so exhausted. I did see 2 of them again and politely told the others I could not see them.

Here is another thing that in the beginning was so strange, I had married women smiling at me and wanting to talk with me. I was so confused; I always look to see if a girl has a wedding ring on like most men do. I did not know Ukraine wedding traditions. I ask my friend Igor why are these married women and girls wanting to meet with me? He looked at me really funny and said, Rod, you are dreaming.

Igor said-Ukraine women are very loyal to their husbands it is our culture.

Anna From Vinnitsa

Just then a girl walked by and smiled at me. I said look Igor see that girl just smiled at me, as he looked over she again smiled and she has a wedding ring on. He said first Rod how do you get that beautiful girl to smile at you? Second, he said she is not married she does not have a wedding ring on. Igor said in Ukraine married women wear the wedding ring on the right hand.  I was so embarrassed, so all those girls I thought were married we not.

Igor told me you upset a lot of Ukraine girls; he said if a girl smiles at you. You are almost obligated to talk to her; she is open for you. 

You see there are many Ukraine girls looking for a good man and you don’t have to pre-plan your date on some Ukraine dating site. Let me ask you when was the last time you were traveling somewhere and went online to find a date in that city before you got there? It is not how things happen, you see a girl you like, and you walk up to her and ask her name. That is if you are not too shy to do this. If you are shy or do not know how to approach a woman, we can show you and before you know it you will not only meet one but date her too.

With my help you can be successful, I am 99{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} sure if you come with me and date the way people all over the world date. Face to face one on one. You can meet as many Ukraine girls as you like.

elena from Odessa
            Elena from Odessa

In the last few years, I have met some foreign men in Ukraine, and they were either abandoned by the agency they paid to help them. Or they went to Ukraine on there own to meet a girl they met through some Ukraine online date site. I was once in this situation the first time I went to Ukraine to met a girl. I still have a hard time understanding why a man would get on a plane and travel this long distance. For a girl, he has never met or seen outside of the dating site he belongs to.

When I meet these guys in Ukraine, I help them if they want it that is. I know what they are going through shame frustration and of course embarrassment. 

I have even met interpreters from Ukraine that have a client from America and ask me to help them find a girl to date. So who would you want as your guide? A Ukraine girl that knows nothing about American men and sure does not know how to help him find a girl. Or Me a guy that has made all the mistakes and knows what to do and how to find a good Ukraine girl or woman? I have always said the best dating advice about dating comes from someone who has done it made the mistakes and knows where you are coming from.

Come with us to Ukraine and leave everything up to us I will get you a modern apartment in the downtown area. Apartments are so much more personal. I will be available 24 hours a day and will meet with you every day to coach you or help you find that Ukraine woman or girl.

I can not promise you will fall in love, but I will say I am 99{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} sure you meet a girl and date her. I will also pay for the first five hours with interpreters that I personally know you if needed.

All you have to pay for is your spending money food which is very inexpensive and any gifts or souvenirs you might want. If you like the girls you see here, they are all natural no photoshop and all single looking for that right man. There are many Ukraine women and girls that are sincere in the search for a good man. Age your financial condition and looks are not as important to them as it is in some countries.

Beautiful girls Anna And Tati
                             Anna and Tati

 So make a plan and come to Ukraine with someone who knows the country but is also an American that has been through almost everything in Ukraine. Who can help you find the girl of your dreams and you know what you will be the man of her dreams also!!

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6 Replies to “Ukraine Tour Dating Sites”

  1. I must admit, I have never seen a site like this one before. Do you get a lot of men looking for women from other Countries? I guess you do or you wouldn’t be in business. It is fascinating to think about traveling to a foreign place to find a wife when you can’t speak the language.
    Your article was very informative and you seem to know the business quite well. It must take weeks to accomplish a trip so you must travel often. Your approach is right on for a man looking for a wife so you should get a lot of attention on your site.
    Good luck and do you perform weddings also? You could add that service into your price and have a complete setup. Great job.

  2. Thanks for your article, Rod. It is important to understand the culture of a different country when you visit it. So, when you want to date with women in a foreign country is even more important. Great tips!

  3. Wow that’s quite a story. You know if I was a man it would work out but since I am a woman. Knowing the culture before approaching her would be best. We also have a culture that does the same thing. You can’t just approach us and start talking there’s rules and etiquette to follow.

    I’m glad you have a page to help men find good girls to date since they are very loyal. No hearts broken here. Thanks for the tips on how to get Ukraine women the right way.

  4. Hi Debora, there are a lot of men looking to marry a foreign woman but there are also so many big dating companies scamming these men so it is hard for men to trust anyone in Ukraine dating!I have helped quite a few men in Ukraine that were there his dream women only to find out he was scammed. This is why I started the business to bring men to Ukraine the right honest way I have not thought about weddings but it is a great idea. Thanks

  5. Thanks, Ilias yes culture is very important but we are all set in our way our own culture. I still when I am in Ukraine tell myself every day this is not America and I can not treat the people here in the same way.

  6. Hi Kelyee, thank you for the comment I like very much when I get a woman’s point of view. Yes, sometimes only a simple word or juster is all it takes to be rude in a different culture. I know this my first few times to Ukraine I made many mistakes and I am still learning!

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