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Why are Ukraine women or Ukraine girls so sought after? Are Ukraine women or Ukraine girls the most beautiful? Why are men looking to meet Ukraine women or Ukraine girls? Do Ukraine women or Ukraine girls make better wives? Finally, who are these Ukraine women or Ukraine girls?

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Is it their looks are they the sexiest girls in the world? Is it their way of being very easy going friendly? Is it their culture and customs, family comes first. Why are there so many Ukraine online dating sites? From my experience, it is all of this. I have not met a more complete woman in my life! Are they the most beautiful in my opinion no. I have been to Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Canada and here in the US. For me, the most beautiful women are in the USA. Have you been to Las Vegas or Miami?

I wrote an article a month or so ago, about a woman that came to see me here in Las Vegas. Kris, we always argued about this if Ukraine women are the most beautiful!

I told her no they are not, it is you are so used to so many online sites stating this. So one night I told her to get your sexiest outfit on, let’s go see who is right. We went to the Encore casino there is a nightclub called XS. It is probably the best in Las Vegas.

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When we arrived it was early about 11 pm, Kris said I do not see all these sexy women you are talking about. We sat and had a drink, around midnight they started to come. Groups of beautiful sexy women! I have not seen Kris like this before, she was mesmerized by these women. Blonds, brunettes, Latin women, Asian women, even some Russian women. After about a half an hour, she said you are right these are the most beautiful women I have ever seen!!

In America, we have a great advantage over all other countries. It is we have people from all over the world that live here and are Americans.


I have not seen one site one study one blogger that writes what is right in front of our faces. American women are the most beautiful women in the world. Google images from any country save the USA for last and you will agree American woman are #1. I am not writing this to be arrogant or saying in any way Ukraine women are not super sexy. They are! until you go to Ukraine, see for your self the women. Then you can judge if they are the best-looking women in the world. Not off some photo or magazine.

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So this brings me to my point it is not because they are so beautiful. So why do so many foreign men go to Ukraine every year? Is it because Ukraine women are easily persuaded to sleep with men?

This is almost comical for me to hear this. I have dated some women that took a lot of time a lot of trusts before they would sleep with me. For a Ukraine woman to be intimate with a man they have to have deep feelings for him trust him. I have heard this from quite a few women there, for some girls sex for money is fine for them. But sex for fun that makes no sense, only sex for love. Some of my clients tell me the same thing it is not easy to sleep with these women. But they also add it is refreshing they do not take intimacy so lightly, they respect themselves.

 So it is not because they are easy women or the most beautiful women, then what? I will

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just let you in on what I am pretty sure it is. It is they are the best women.

Smart, kind, caring and will definitely make the best companion or wife. You do not have to be a rich man or a good looking man to be with one of these Ukraine women. You do have to be your self with them, they do not need to be impressed. I find it easy for me to date the women, I just am my goofy self. They seem to like a simple easy going man, a man that treats them as an equal. The most difficult thing in a relationship with a Ukraine woman or girl is the first few dates. It may not look like she is taking notes on what you are saying and doing but she is.

We all know why it is so easy to see a lier. Because sooner or later they will forget what they said. An honest person thinks back, there is only one truth so no way to be caught lying!

Here is why I am so passionate about these women. They are beautiful yes and have a big need to be a loving wife and mother. Once you get a Ukraine woman to trust you she will not leave. She will be very loyal, take care of her man the home and the kids. Most of these women are educated smart but not snobby about it. I once dated an astrophysicist, I did not know it at the time. One night I decided to impress her with my astronomy knowledge. About the third constellation, she stopped me, told me that is not Orions Belt! Then proceded to name off all the constellations to me, she kissed me on the cheek. Said Rod, I studied the cosmos all my life you did well.

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One thing you have with me is I am a trusted man in the cities I do business in. I am not a scam I operate from America if you have a problem with me you will have no trouble finding me.

It is the way of the internet these days to never see the person who took your money and left you with nothing. There are so many scams on the online dating sites, so why do we still trust them? Are we foolish? I do not think so, I think we are ready to change our lives for the better. Even the men I know that were scammed by an online agency or a girl that acted alone. Still, want to go back to Ukraine why? It is the feeling you have when you are there, it is an easy safe comfortable feeling. The women of Ukraine are what any good lonely unappreciated man needs.

Come with me to Ukraine book a tour you will have the time of your life!



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