Ukrainian Girl Likes You?

How can you be sure a Ukrainian girl likes you? Maybe she just wants your money and a good time? There is one way you can be sure a sexy Ukrainian girl likes you. It can be simple as a look or a smile but to truly know she has to do this!


Many men ask me how do you know if a girl like you and is not playing a game with me? There are certain rules let us call them dating rules. All cultures have such rules. I do remember when I was new to the dating culture of Ukraine. I was so frustrated trying to figure out how to meet and or date these beautiful women.

Over time I was able to see how I was so wrong in the first few times I went to Ukraine these girls are different. Most are very honest so honest you will have to have thick skin sometimes. 

29 years old

That is why I prefer to meet in Ukraine with real women. You see her you feel her, it is easy to see if you like her and she likes you. The women I know also prefer this normal way to meet someone. This way either you or she get their feelings hurt. Many Ukrainian girls I know have been played with on the internet dating sites. Some men say he is coming to visit her. She makes plans the woman takes time off from work. She is excited to meet a foreign man, he does not shows up to meet her. Her dream her job and her emotions are crushed. She lost the money she could not afford to lose by not working all on some man that played with her emotions. It used to happen often now it does not. If it happens to these women one time they are done with online dating believe me.

 I do not know one girl there that belongs to online dating sites. Or should I say participates in online dating? 

Once you sign up for one of these sites even if you cancel.  Her profile will be used by a professional translator. The company will use her profile to attract men to write to her. I was one of those stupid men for a few years! I would get letters from women or girls telling me how great I look. The best is  I am just the man they have been looking for. Here is another thing A Ukraine woman does not give compliments very easily. So if your online woman tells you good things or how cute you are she is playing you!.

When you meet a real woman with my help in Ukraine this is how it goes. She will ask you why are you in her country? Why do you want to date a Ukrainian woman?

Do you have any children are you married? What do you like to do in your spare time, do you like your work? Question after question you have to answer completely and honestly. It will seem like a job interview, not a date! If she doesn’t like you she will tell you she does not want to see you again. if you want to know why?  be careful she will give you an honest answer. Something like this, Rod you are too old for me or I do not like men with a big belly. The best part of this is you will know why!

They are looking for an honest man that will be good for and to them. I have said before looks are not as important as feelings, personality, and trust. The way they let you know they like you is great, but not with words.

It is said by these girls don’t tell me you love me show me you love me. Some will brush up against you when you walk together. Some will grab your arm when they have something important to tell you. The one I like the best is they will purposely flip their hair in your face, then acted like it was an accident. They will test you over the days by what you say and do. If you have more then 3 or 4 dates they are into you for sure. Now comes another big moment in the relationship the first kiss.

Vinnitsa Girl

The best thing about these women they will let you know when they want you to kiss them. It will not be on the first or second date for 95{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of the women. When she wants to kiss you she will show you signs.

With me as your guide, I can coach you let you know what to look for when a Ukrainian woman is looking for you to kiss her. It is suttle what she will do, she will almost never kiss you first. But she will show you that she wants you to kiss her. It is a very big thing for the women that first kiss. I have talked with friends they tell me that is when some have fallen in love with their husbands.

How do you know if  Ukrainian girl is into you? It is as simple as natural as it can be. Once you have let her see that you are serious about her she will let you know. If not you can always just ask her if she likes you!

I was told many times by s good friend of mine, Ira. She said stop thinking you are in America and these girls are American. She then went on to say once you stop trying so hard to impress these girls, let them see you. Let them know the real man behind the face. There is one big secret I learned over the years there. Once I realized this it was easy to meet anyone I wanted to in Ukraine.

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