Ukrainian Girls Date Older Men

When I am with a younger girl I do not get bad looks from people, friends of my girl do not question her decisions. It is her life to live any way that makes her happy. Now the problem in Ukraine, the economy is not getting any better so young girls are looking for a way out. A mature man can help them to find a better life.

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Again there are so many girls looking for a good man some might think there is something wrong with them. Her parents are from a poor family maybe she works 7 days a week to support her family. Maybe she is looking for that right one nice kind man that will make her happy. It is odd to see and feel how the girls compete with one another. In all my years going to Ukraine, I have not seen one fist fight between two men. I have seen several hair pulling fights between two girls. The reason is always the same they want the same man, it is worth fighting for they tell me.

There are not many good men left in their cities, the men that are there most are married. The younger guys are not ready to settle down with one girl.

I was in a larger city a few months ago in the southern part of Ukraine. Not many tourists there. When the girls would hear me speaking English it would bring them towards me. I felt almost famous sometimes. I would be at a cafe and 4 or 5 girls were around me wanting me to speak with them in English. They would flirt with me ask me if I wanted to go walk with them. It was not that difficult to get many dates in this city. You might think it is a game they play with me. Really it is self-preservation for some girls. The work there is not very good nor the pay, many of the younger girls are going to work in Poland or Hungry. Some succeed but most come back home. Europe is not too favorable towards these girls.

There are so many misconceptions about the beautiful girls of Ukraine, please do yourself a favor don’t judge these girls.

They do not have the best or I should say the easiest lives. Don’t think because they want a better life with a good man that can help them financially makes them gold diggers. I have dated a few young girls looking for a rich man. It is easy to find out if they only want money! Do you want to know the secret? Ask them what are their intentions with you. It is that easy, some might say I like you and want to marry you one day. If not they will tell you they do not like their country nothing is keeping them from leaving. So they might make a deal with you.

If you take a step back listen to what she is saying not how sexy she is. You can figure it out for yourself. No girl is going to tell you she wishes to marry you after only a short time together.

If you date her for a short time and get along well she will tell you her plans. I have been told that these so-called sponsor girls are willing to go live with you. To see if you can be a couple if not she will either come back home. Or ask if you will help her get her a visa to stay in your country. It sounds strange to most people if you think about it where is the harm? It is a mutual understanding you are both taking a chance. Saying this you will also both have a chance to find love right? Now understand these are sponsor girls not the majority of the Ukrainian girls think this way.

Sure younger girls want a nice life a good place to live also a good job. Most of these girls if you are married to them they will want to contribute to the household. They will work without question it is not normal for them to stay at home and do nothing.

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If you are looking for a housemaid or someone to take care of your children. Ukraine girls are not this way, sure they will take care of the house the kids but they also have to have a job. Even if its only part time. Be ready when you date you will not just sit and watch TV. You will be walking seeing the city most girls are very proud of their city. It is a nice change to be out of the house especially with a sexy girl by your side.

If you are lucky she will ask you to take a trip with her. Taking a train to another city this is a great way to get to know someone. Make sure you take a train with private sleeper cars.

Being a great way to travel but it is not very fast. A train from Kiev to Odessa would take from 6 to 8 hours. On the good side plenty of time to talk with one another in a nice small space! I have had many pleasurable times with my girl on a train. Many men that are my clients get ahead of themselves. Asking if the girl he will meet wants to get married or if she would like his way of life. All I have to say is this is life you will find this out from the girl when you date her.

I will say that these Ukrainian girls are ready to fall in love start a family make their man happy. It is in them in their culture, not many are thinking about a career or starting a business. A happy family is top on the list. All you have to do it treat her with kindness and respect, not a bad trade if you ask most men. 


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