Ukrainian Sexy Girls

The sexy girls of Ukraine are looking to date young and older men alike. Why are there so many sexy Ukrainian women? How do you date these beautiful women?


It is no different than where you come from it is just more publicized here. That younger girls date older men in Ukraine. Many men write to me why do these women want to date older men, why are they not married yet? Is there something wrong with the sexy girls are they looking for money? Here is the thing when you see these women in person you will understand why they are still single. Do you want to know the secret? It is because there are so many sexy girls that men have their choice. Most Ukrainian men want a good partner a woman that has a good job comes from a good family.

It is no different than most countries you want to choose the best mate for you. Another thing that can make it so a sexy girl does not get married is her mom.

Yes, her mother! Some moms only want the best for her daughter, so they will make it very difficult for any man except the right man to marry her. I have had this happen only once, she was Armenian and both her mom and dad did not want her to be with me. In all the other cases all the parents want their daughter to marry a western man, especially from America. All the dads I met with that I was dating their daughter welcomed me. Even if I was 20 years older then her.

One girl, I dated in Lugansk was 25 I was almost twice her age, but her father wanted me to fall in love with her and one day marry her.


He told me his country is a hard place to make a good life if he knew she was with a good man in a good country. it did not matter how old he was. He was a realest he also told me if you someday did not want to be together, at least she would have the opportunity to continue to live in her new country. It sounded a little strange at the time. If my daughter met a good man that could provide a good life for her what is the problem? Most of us want is what is best for our kids.

I dated a Chines girl once that was 20 years younger than me. I asked her why do you want to date a man so much older than you are.

She said I look at it a today not tomorrow or 20 years from now. Today I have strong feelings for you and that is all that matters. If later it changes then I will decide which way my life will go then. Very smart reasonable girl I thought, why worry about the future? In Ukraine, it is the same way of thinking I have not once been asked how do you see your life in 10 years. Really what a stupid question, what do we say I hope I am rich or I hope we have a terrible divorce then? Live for today as they say.

When I am with a younger woman I get no bad looks from people, friends of my girl do not question her decisions. It is your life live it the way that makes you happy.


Again there are so many sexy women looking for a good man there is nothing wrong with them. maybe her parents are from a poor family maybe she works 7 days a week as an accountant. Or maybe she is looking for that right one man that will make her happy. It is nice to see and feel how women compete with one another. In all my years going to Ukraine, I have not seen one fist fight between two men. I have seen several hair pulling fights between two girls. The reason is always the same they want the same man, it is worth fighting for they tell me.

There are so many misconceptions about the beautiful women of Ukraine, please do yourself a favor don’t judge these women.

They do not have the best or I should say the easiest lives. Don’t think because they want a better life with a good man that can help them financially makes them gold diggers. I have met a few girls looking for a rich man, I have also dated a few of them. It is easy to find out if they only want money! do you want to know the secret? Ask them what are their intentions with you. It is that easy, some might say I like you and want to marry you one day.

If you take a step back listen to what she is saying not how sexy she is. You can figure it out for yourself. No woman is going to tell you she wishes to marry you after only a short time together, she has a different agenda.


This is why you need a dating coach like me. Either I or one of my associates will be there for you when such a thing arise. We will also be watching and listening to your date to see if she is really what she says she is. If we think for a second she is not being real with you, we will take her aside to ask her. If you think you have it all figured out think you will be OK without us fine. But please do not hire a dating agency chances are you will get nothing for your hard earned money.

Think about it who is making Ukraine look bad the people of Ukraine? Or the people that are in business to make it look bad so they can help you!

I am also here to help men stay away from bad agencies. Take Las Vegas for example! There are more money hungry girls in this town than any other I have been to. So why do the men keep coming to Vegas? They are not in Vegas to find a woman to marry, they are looking for easy girls to date. So why not scam protection from Vegas girls? Because there is no group trying to make Las Vegas look bad. Like the online dating site do to Ukraine and Russia. Think, there is no talk about Philippine woman scamming men, even though three times as many men go to the Philippines every year.

Do you want to know a fact, I have a friend that works for the immigration department. It is true the women type that scams American men more then four times Russian or Ukrainian women are the Philippine girls.

Why is it not talked about so much online? Again most men that go to the Philippines are looking for fun, not marriage. So let us say one out of every 10,000 men gets scammed by a Philippine wife. In Ukraine, if you use an online dating site it is 90% of the men using this way to meet a girl gets scammed. So who is the problem? Not the Ukraine sexy women, this is why I do no online meeting. It is all done in Ukraine real women in real settings. I will show you how to meet and date the sexy girls of Ukraine. Come with me to Ukraine and meet the girl of your life.

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