Ukrainian Woman How To Kiss Her

Do Ukrainian girls kiss on the first date? Is it proper for a Ukrainian woman to kiss you first? How do you know when it is time to kiss these women? What is a Ukraine kiss?

Natali Kharkov

All good questions, there is only one answer for this it depends on the woman!! A Ukrainian kiss is the same as the way western woman kiss. I have found that many women have not or do not French kiss open mouth kiss. The girls that do open mouth kiss seem to like it very much. There is no secret to how the Ukraine women kiss, but there is one thing different than American girls. They will not kiss you if they do not like you. There is no making out for fun in Ukraine, kissing is very important. When I girl kisses you or lets you kiss her you are on the right track to the next level.

 I have dated women in Ukraine that kissed on the first date why I have no idea. Also, some that took over five dates to get a kiss. Is one girl an easy girl and the other a good girl nope.

It does not mean one girl is easy the other slutty or easy. Most women will not allow you to kiss her in public. Especially with her parents or family. Holding hands is another thing that will not happen if she is not into you. When she is into you or likes you she will feel proud to be holding her man’s hand in public. I like this very much about the women there, there are no mercy emotions. I mean women will not be with you because they feel sorry for you. If they do not like you, they will tell you in not such a nice way sometimes. They are extremely honest to a point.

 It is a little strange how some articles write there is something special or a secret way to make a Ukrainian woman kiss you.

The only secret is she has to like you and feel comfortable with you. It is very hard to trick these woman into doing something they do not want to do. It is a very good feeling to know that the woman is with you because she likes you. Not because you have money or she thinks you are powerful. They are very simple people, they respect and honor their man if he is worth it.

 I remember a story where  I was our having a late night beer in a small cafe outdoors in a park.


I have been to this cafe many times in the past, there is one server that has been working there since I have been going there. She is a very cute sexy girl around 28 or 29 years old. Many men flirted with her as she worked, I am sure it was very tiresome for her. She did not pay me any special attention I was just another customer. One night I overheard her and her manager talking about money, she was short on her cashout. It was a very busy night this night she was the only server.

I noticed some young guys were wanting to pay their bill but she did not notice, they walked out without paying.

This was her shortage, I noticed her count the money over and over she was getting very frantic. I overheard she was short 500 hryvnias but did not have the money to pay. I walked over to her put 500 hryvnias on her counter, she took the bill and made change for it. When she put the money down in front of me I did not pick it up. After a few minutes, she looked up at me asked what did I want she was closing? I smiled and pushed the money back to her, this is for you thank you for being such a good person! Her smile was so big she took my hand thanked me over and over.

 Evey day when I would walk by the cafe she worked she would spot me wave and smile at me. One evening I went back to this cafe but there was another girl working that night.

Pretty Girl

I ordered a beer to pass sometime a few moments later the girl I help came from upstairs. She walked over to the bar poured a beer gave it to me said this is for you for being such a nice person. We talked a little more that night, I found out she lived with her grandmother who was very sick. The money I gave her was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. (it was only $18) but to her, it was 3 days pay. She then told me I wish to marry a man like you that is so generous and caring of others. I had a girlfriend at the time or would have definitely asked her on a date.

 To the last day I was in her city, I would walk by her cafe, she would always smile and wave to me.


It does not take much to win these women over, but it has to be real. You can not walk up to a Ukrainian girl and give her money thinking she will think you are a good man. There are many ways to show your woman you care for her I have learned over time it is not so grand gesture. It has to be something that is unexpected you have to be her knight that came to save her. Even if it is only $18, I do not know what would have happened to her if I did not help her. I am sure it was something bad or something she would not be able to overcome on her own.

 Many people, men, I mean think or should I say believe all the beautiful women of Ukraine are only about money or a passport to a good life.

As many wise people have said don’t believe what you read, believe what you see what you witness. If you are a man that is looking for something different in a woman. Maybe you were divorced or maybe you are looking for a nice vacation where you might date the most amazing woman of your life. Come with me to Ukraine I can help you at least meet some of the sweetest sexiest women I know.


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