Ukrainian Woman She Is Real?

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If you meet a girl through online dating how do you know she is real? Most Ukrainian women I know are honest have good morals. So why so many online scams? Meet your future bride online who is behind the photo?

I can tell you 90% of the time it is someone being paid to write you back. If I brought you to Ukraine to introduce you to a sexy girl then tell you it is a 90% chance this girl is a scam? Would you want to date her? No, we are much smarter than that so we think. So why do we believe these online dating sites? OK, they do serve a purpose I have always said, for lonely men that have no desire to come to Ukraine. They are great entertainment. I know I use to use them and be fooled all the time by pretty girls photos.

This is an email I received a few days ago. By a guy looking for a new love in Ukraine. Only to be scammed like so many, you might think he is not so smart. But he is thinking with his heart, not his mind.

titled: Your wisdom is needed.


I would appreciate the opinion of someone who is so familiar with Ukrainian women. I am seeking a wife from Ukraine for the second time. When I did this the first time 22 years ago I was in my mid-thirties. Back then I used a magazine I found online called Scanna and wrote mailed letters. I went to Ukraine three times and eventually married Nataliya, a girl raised in a small town and who lived in Eastern Ukraine when we married. It was much simpler then!

After 20 years of marriage, we are separated and getting a divorce. I really appreciated some of the qualities of my ex, so once again I am looking for a woman from Ukraine. I tried several dating sites, and as you know most are just expensive scams. The best one I could find is a site called Go Date Now. Compared to the others it was the cheapest with a wide selection of women. Initially, I was only looking for women over 45, and I communicated with three of them for quite some time. During this time I was getting over 50 letters a day from women mostly in their early 20’s, I would briefly read the letters and dismiss them because of references to sex and the woman’s age, I just took these women as not being serious or working for the site.

However, one letter I got didn’t refer to sex or other sensationalism, just a very pleasant letter from a 31-year-old woman telling me about the difficulties of being a single mother of two young girls in Kiev. Initially, my intention was to help her with her very bad profile that said she didn’t want any “cowards” in her life. However, I have ended up communicating with this woman for over eight months now and we have exchanged a few hundred messages. She sends me five messages a day sometimes. We have video chatted twice, and I know she is the girl in the profile. Over the last eight months, I have become very infatuated with her, but I have also had concerns over the age difference of 25 years.

I paid for and received her contact information long ago, and only recently I used this information to do a little digging on the internet. I was very surprised at what I found, she mentions modeling as a hobby in her profile, but I found she is an active model at least part-time. I found her photos in several Russian fashion magazines online. She has a huge following on VK under her real name and a facebook page under the pseudonym. She never told me about these sites. Now I am really concerned about the age difference! I mean how can a girl like this who is so pleasant still be single? Here is the information: (taken out)

I am not sure you will be able to access the godatenow site, as she seems to have turned off who is allowed to view it as I tried seeing her profile as a visitor. I asked her to show some indication she is serious by off-site communications, but she told me early on that she likes the isolation the site provides. At the moment I am concerned that I am falling hard for a woman who will vanish when I travel to Ukraine this fall. The only thing I can think of is that it is difficult for her to see men with two 8 years old girls and that when she was pregnant she had a fight with her boyfriend and ended up in the hospital, almost losing the girls.

Please provide any comments or suggestions you can, I’m really starting to freak out here…

I am sorry for the long letter.

My Response:

Hello anonymous, I thank you for your well-detailed letter. There is absolutely no reason for her to only want to communicate with her through the site. She is being paid to chat with you that is the only reason. Her facebook is a fake profile! no friends no photos of her it is a scam. Any Ukrainian woman that I know with children is never afraid to introduce them to a man. These women do not make excuses like the one you are chatting with. Take a step back and think you know what is going on with her.
Rod L.

I decided to join this site to do some research on this woman he wrote to me about. I put up a fake profile and not one photo of me at all. I did notice every time I go to this site she is online. How can a woman that has two kids have time to chat all day and night? It is a fake profile! By the way, I have received in 2 days 30 emails from different girls like this one.

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Hey darling, I might not be good at maths but for some reason 69 always was my favorite))))))))

Do you also have some number which makes you extremely happy?)) hehe

Anyway, here I’m looking for my Number 1! The one who can take me to incredible ride… to happiness 😉

On our first date, however, I hope you’ll be a decent man and can get ahold of yourself when you see me)))

Though I don’t rule out the possibility when you want to move on to the second or even third base right away… Passion is such unpredictable thing, agree?))))))

Curious, how “far” would you like to go on our first meeting? 😉

And since we are talking about numbers, what matters for you more – quantity or quality?

Your Number 1, Julia 

What a scam this is, but you can not blame the online site so much. But the people that are being paid to scam these men. So many men being played with, I can help.

For someone that is not used to the way, these sites work might believe this is a real woman. But I know for a fact this is not the real woman in the photo.

All of the sexual innuendos she writes. Most men want to believe she is real. But take a step back look at the photo, tell me do you think she is real? If so why would she want to date a guy she has not seen? I do believe this is a real woman I remember her from a few years ago on another site. So she is getting a bad reputation from only her photo.

If you are a man that is tired of being used for money only and want to meet a real woman in Ukraine. Come with me to Ukraine I know you will meet many beautiful women may be the woman of your life!
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    The lady above is a cold hearted professional LYING , Arab loving SCAMMER …….She scammed me for two years . She will steal your heart and mind and drain your wallet with ease !!!!!!!! This happened on
    Dream Singles site ……..her ID # 3792014. BE WARNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 09/2/2030

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