Ukrainian Women And Sex

Are Ukrainian women good in bed? Is sex with a Ukrainian girl the same as in the west? The big question, is it easy to have sex with a Ukrainian woman or girl?

Sexy Girl

I Have to tell you when a Ukrainian woman is introduced to me and we get along well. She will ask me to have sex with her in just a few minutes!!! If you believe this you are dreaming. There is no magical way to have women want to have sex with you. I would say from my experience and talking with my friends, American women are more open to having sex with someone they just met.

It is not the same in Ukraine there is not a date minimum either. Like after three dates she will go to your home to spend the night.

If your goal is going to Ukraine to have sex with a couple of women, you will have a big problem with this. Not knowing the custom or the rules of this country. From my last Ukrainian girlfriends, it was a matter of trust and respect. There was not a three date minimum! Every girl I dated it was different could be one day could be three weeks. If you push the issue it might not happen at all. Don’t expect to find many prostitutes in the cities other than Kiev or Odessa. Make sure to bring your beer goggles, because what you will find is not apeling at all.

The street girls in Kiev are not sexy at all some look a little rough so I would not try that. It is a different culture different country and laws are of course, different. Don’t get yourself into something you can not get yourself out of because you are horny!

Pretty Girl

If your one and only goal is to have sex with women try the Philippines or maybe Thai Land. Yes, I read the stories how there are so many men coming to Ukraine as a sex tourist. If this is what you want then go to Las Vegas, it is practically legal there. I am not saying you will not get a chance to sleep with a woman. The Ukrainian women are very open to sex with the right man. They are not uptight about it at all. But she has to trust you to feel safe with you. It could happen in a day but it is not the norm.

When you do have a chance to sleep with a woman it could be great but also it could be not the best.

From my understanding, most women do not have many sexual partners so they are not very experienced. I will tell you this all of the women I have dated are very compassionate. They know how to make you feel like a man like she truly does like you. Not only will she cook for and take care of you. When you are alone together she will be always touching you hugging sitting in your lap they are very affectionate. You need to understand something here, there is not much PDA in Ukraine.

Display of affection in a public place is considered almost rude. Most women will not let you kiss her in public.

Vinnitsa Girl

Holding hands is fine a hug when you meet and when you leave is fine. You will not see couples making out in public. When you are in a private area things change she will let you know she likes you-you will have no doubt about this. It is a very different place when it comes to emotions. You cannot be loud in a public place. In a nice cafe, if you and your friends are getting loud, you will be asked to calm down.

 I was asked by a friend are there any sluts in Ukraine? No this is something that does not exist from my knowledge.

A girl will not have sex with you just for fun. It is not a part of the way they think there. Some men I have talked with thought they would just go to Ukraine. Find so many women that would have sex with them because they were from another country. If you also feel this way good luck. I know these women are not impressed with foreign or rich men believe me. I have seen many men get shot down by a Ukrainian girl that thought he was special.

 It is a little strange that the women dress so sexy so you would think they are easy this is far from the truth.

Kive Woman

It is also quite odd that the few prostitutes I have come in contact with dress down not so sexy. You will see these women around tourist places but most men would not like their look. They will approach you when you are alone in a bar or in a tourist area. They will be as though they are normal girls, then ask you if you want to go home with them when nobody is watching they will tell you the price. I feel it is very looked down on by the people.

Some say sex is highly overrated it can be if the sex you are having is not good. I think people that are unselfish make the best sex partners.

The Ukraine women are affectionate they are sexy but do not make the mistake to think they are easy. Most women are looking for a long-term relationship so they will be picky who they sleep with. Do not think your sexy body or your big wallet will make that much of a difference here. They have different standards different qualities when they are looking for a man to be with.

If you need help to travel to Ukraine and see if you could date some of these amazing women don’t do it on your own.

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  1. Hi:
    I have been writing and visiting with a girl in Ukraine . I have purchased an apartment and spent over 80,000 dollars so far and I have not kissed her as Respect her and want to marry her. She agreed to marry me finally a few months ago but she asked me to wait and wait patiently as said she repeatedly told me that she definitely marry me. In the mean time I am sending a little money and buying Small gifts.
    My Question:
    Is she playing with me? Should I continue to send help and wait for her to marry me?
    I appreciate a candid answer from you based on your experience in Ukraine. You can reach me at
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Will. Ukrainian women do not play games like this. If you have not kissed her at all then she is not looking for love but a sugar daddy.

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