Ukrainian Women Are Beautiful

Are these women the most beautiful in the world? Why are the Ukrainian girls so beautiful or is it not true? The most important question, how to date a beautiful Ukrainian woman?

Katarina From Lugansk

I have been going to Ukraine for over eight years now, does Ukraine have the most beautiful women in the world? No, I do not think so! I am not trying to be a pessimist to challenge all the sites who write about this. I have been to many countries, also to many cities in the USA. In my opinion, women from the USA are the most beautiful. If you read the articles online most say Ukraine or Sweden are the best. Here is an independent view was written by Rudy Owens.

Are Swedes more beautiful, or do they just have a better public health system?


First, I do not ascribe to the idea of “national beauty” or the national ranking systems that have little scientific validity. Social and popular media are obsessed with the idea that Swedish women are among the world’s most beautiful. A dubious online source called Traveller’s Digest claims Sweden tops their list of countries with the hottest looking women. (The country’s men also rank No. 1). Such rankings amount to Internet silliness.

I traveled to Sweden in 1990 for about a week, staying with friends I met in India (Eva and Eva — yes the real names). I found many people I met there to be healthy and attractive, but not to an extreme. I did find an excessive amount of out of control binge drinking in the social circles my generous hosts ran with, particularly among college-age and slightly older Swedes. In fact, globally, I have found few places that matched the excessive drinking I saw all over Sweden.

I also have seen Swedes globally, and in general many do appear more fit and healthier than the typical American, who rightly has earned a reputation as being overweight and thus unhealthy, and therefore unattractive in the eyes of many. Such data is borne out by national health statistics, as America is the fattest country on the planet, and because of that, my country does not have the reputation as Sweden does for the hottest men and hottest women, I think.

One of the most ubiquitous stereotypes of nationalities is that of “hot” Swedish women–perpetuated by photos like this one.

Globally, Sweden does very well in terms of health rankings and public health investments. Sweden scores highly in terms of life expectancy from birth, ranking No. 16 among all countries (81.8 years). Its Nordic neighbor, Norway, ranks 25th (80.32 years). The United States fares worse than both, and Jordan, and New Zealand, and, well, 50 other countries, at 78.5 years. By comparison, the much poorer Cuba, with a vastly lower standard of living (less than 20% of the United States per capita), ranks No. 60, with a life expectancy of 77.9 years.   read more

Were are the most beautiful women in the world? Don’t get me wrong Ukraine has many beautiful women but not overall.

They do have some of the sexiest women in the world I think but still not as good as the Uas women. I am not trying to be one of those American guys that say the USA is the best at everything. If you look at it from an unbiased view. Look up on google beautiful American women than the same for Sweden and Ukraine. You will agree with me American women are the most beautiful. The reason I feel is simple.

In Sweden, most are tall blonde hair pretty faces yes very beautiful. What if you do not like tall blonde women? In Ukraine, There are blonde brown and black hair girls.

Alla 39 Years Young

Most Ukrainian women are fit and have the best bodies I feel, very sexy! But to be honest some have wide noses high cheekbones and painted on eyebrows. I am not saying they are unattractive by any means. Yes, there are those Ukrainian women that are just stunning but not the majority. Now in the USA, there is every type of women you can imagine. Because we have been mixed races over the generations. If you prefer dark beautiful women they are here if you prefer blondes, brunettes, Indian, Latin or Middle Eastern you can find them in the USA.

One very big problem is a lot of these American beautiful women use their looks to play men. Use us for what they want then through us to the side.

If you are reading this it tells me you have been used or abused by women. What the Ukrainian women have to offer is what we as men need want, hope to find. look at some of my photos on my site most are real women most are not photoshopped. You can see they are not perfect, but who wants perfect? But what most people want is honesty care and love. If you would not believe all this bad press about how Ukrainian women scam you. About how Russian women just want a permanent resident card or a visa.

Take a look online there are many bad articles about how bad they are these women. So why do so many men want to go to Ukraine to find a good woman?

Marina 24

Once you weed through all the bad talk, go to Ukraine like I have been doing for so many years now. You will see what I see all the time how god caring and trustworthy they are. Do not take into consideration how sexy they are. Because if most of the women in Ukraine are sexy then this means sexy is the norm. Which it is! Here is why so many men go to Ukraine every year. If it were truly a bad place why go there? If it were as bad as some write I think most governments would stop their citizens from traveling to a country that only takes your money.

 Ukraine is a beautiful place the food is very good the men are very kind also. The women are the best, now if you ask what country has the best future wives?

It would be Ukraine second would be Mexico. Both countries have the same way of life poor compared to most countries. What they lack in finance they make up in kindness, culture, and respect for others. Both countries have a very strong sense of religion, you would not know it. Because they do not push their beliefs on you, in their mind you are good just the way you are. If you are one of those men that is afraid to travel to a country or not sure if you will be able to meet the women when you get there.

This is what I do I help men just like you I take care of all the travel in Ukraine all of your lodging. I then take you to the best places to meet women, believe me, it is not online!

It is face to face like all people do in the world. Come with me to Ukraine have the time of your life, maybe meet the woman of your life.

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