Ukrainian Women Follow The Man They Love

Would you go to the edge of the world for love? Ukraine girls tell me they would go almost anywhere for love. But few would go for money! Do Ukrainian women just want money? Everyone wants a better life, but the Ukrainian women want love happiness.


I had a discussion with a guy the other day about sexy women in Ukraine. He said most of them only want money or to marry a guy so they can live in America. Where did he get this information? Of course from the online Ukraine dating sites they want to scare you. I do understand their motive. Online dating sites serve a purpose. For the people who have no desire to leave the privacy of their home. I know these big companies do not force men to join their sites. Here is the problem I see and have seen. What happens to the man that after a few months decided to go to Ukraine who will help this guy?

It was a problem I faced the first time I went to Ukraine to meet a girl I met online. Katya was her name, we wrote many letters, spoke on the phone many times before I decided to go see her.

She did not show up to meet me in Donetsk! I was alone in a strange country I could not read the signs, speak the language, and had no idea about the customs. I had traveled a few times to Europe, I was not afraid to travel. Ukraine was so different I had no idea what to do in this strange country. I would have paid almost anything for someone to show me how to meet these incredibly sexy women. All I was able to meet were young girls 18 to 23 years old. Why? Because these were the only people there that spoke English. I made some friends but I want a girlfriend!

Single Mom

 So when a man goes to Ukraine thinking the dating company has his back, well it is not going to happen. As soon as you leave the site it is all up to you now.

Sure you could find a Ukraine dating agency to help you out. But they see a rich American that is all alone needs help. They will help you for a high cost, I have heard as much as $15,000 men have paid. For these agencies, you are an ATM machine. They will provide you with an interpreter and a professional dater pretty girl. I have heard this story so many times. I can almost guarantee when you are sitting on the plane going back home you will feel stupid.

 Here is how we at Personal Date Guide Ukraine are different. We are an American company that is for you, not the women you are dating or going to date. Let me ask you how many different scams are there on the internet?

Thousands right? This is what I do not understand about Ukraine dating. Why must it be prearranged from the girl you meet online to the trip to Ukraine to where you will meet. Everything is prearranged, there is nothing natural about how you meet. I do not understand that part of Ukraine online dating.

Lugansk Girl

Let me give you a scenario!  A man from Seattle goes to Miami for the weekend. He meets a woman they meet several times over the next few months.

They fall in love, between the two of them they decide what is best for their relationship. He has a good job in Seattle so she moves to live with him. Does this make the woman a gold digger or only wants money? Of course not she fell in love, wants to be with her man he has the better life. She goes for love! This is what the Ukrainian women want to fall in love have a better life. Is it wrong for them to be like to woman from Miami? With me nothing will be prearranged it will be natural dating. So there is a very slim possibility that the woman you meet is a scam artist.

I will be honest I met maybe five women through online dating, I meet over 50 on my own in Ukraine. The five I meet online not one was real, wanted a relationship with me.

I have no idea what happened to any of them, they did not give me their real phone numbers. I could not contact them if I wanted to. Of all the women I have dated in Ukraine on my own no agency’s help. I will tell you I keep in touch with quite a few of them, some are mad at me of course.  But I do have the real phone numbers. They are mad or should I say disappointed in me. Most of it was my fault because I did not know the dating culture.

 I also did not know how to tell if a girl was into me. One girl, I dated four years ago I met in a cafe she was a waitress. A friend and I were having lunch, this waitress walked by.

Sweet Girl

I was mesmerized by her look, tall blonde hair very beautiful girl. I looked at her across the room she looked back and smiled. My friend had to go back to work I stay talked with Dasha. We decided I would come back in a few hours when she was off from work. We met had a great evening, we were together until late that night. I met her again in the morning, she was so cute spoke perfect English. We spent the day and night together had a great time, she was very smart graduated from the university. In my mind, I felt she was just being nice to some American man.

She gave me her number I called her a few times when I go back home. I did not think she was serious about me, her being so young and beautiful. We lost contacted with one another over the years, until one day.

I was in Kiev in a market I go to very often. I saw what I thought to be Dasha! She saw me too smiled at me I knew it was her for sure then. I walked over to her asked her how she was, she said I am fine. I got married, Rod! What good for you are you happy is he a good man? Looking at me with sad eyes she said not so good. He is about your age but he does not treat me well, but at least I am married. She then said I waited for you to come and get me, but you never came for me. The time we spent together was short, but some of the nicest time in my life. Dasha said goodbye walked away leaving me in shock standing alone. What just happened? I had no idea she was into me, had feelings for me.

 You see I have made some big mistakes when it came to knowing what the Ukrainian women wanted needed. The dating culture is very simple when you learn it.

Victoria Teacher

It is so far from the western way of thinking, it was hard for me to understand it then. Now I have a good knowledge of this culture. I can help you meet and date one of these special women, help you not make the mistakes I made. Maybe this is the reason many men come home alone from Ukraine because they do not know what to do.

Come with me to Ukraine have the time of your life, maybe meet the woman of your life! 

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