Ukrainian Women Love Compliments

Do Ukrainian women like to be complimented? If you were to tell a Ukrainian girl something like this. You are the most beautiful girl in the world! She would think for a second then say, Really even more beautiful than Ani Lurak? Who, is one of the most beautiful women in Ukraine. Or she might ask you why do you think so? 

If you are lucky enough to meet and date a beautiful Ukrainian girl make sure you do not give her empty compliments. The girls are not silly to believe unfelt words. They are not like many women in the world that love compliments even if they are not true. I once told a girl, Marina, I knew only a few days, you are a girl I could marry. She asked why? I was not expecting this at all. She sat there waited for my answer. I said because you are cute and have a great smile.

Is that all Marina asked? No, I told her you are easy to talk to. As I was about to say more she stopped me. Rod, please do not tell me things you are not sure of.

Also some mornings I am a monster and want to talk with no one. So all that is left is my cute smile she said? I was very embarrassed just wanted to get up and walk away. She saw me turn red I think. She said what are the qualities of a woman you want to marry? I could not think at the moment. I thought… said I have to love her. I need to know she is mine and only mine. I want a woman I can trust build a life with to have a family. Marina said good that is very smart of you. Do you feel this way about me now? I told her I do not know you well enough so I can not say.

She looked as if she wanted to slap me. I said OK OK what I meant to say was you are very sexy and I would like to have sex with you. She had a big smile now.

Rod now that is the truth I do appreciate the truth from a man. Well, you are not having sex with me today, if you keep playing with me you will never have sex with me! I was shocked but also relieved. It is so good that there are people or I should say cultures that believe in blunt honesty. Here in America, we are so politicly correct sometimes it doesn’t allow us to be honest.

We would rather lie to our kids our family and our friends. I feel this is so wrong. We should have a saying… if you don’t want to say the truth then don’t say anything.

One summer I was visiting my friends in Vinnitsa. I came from the gym they were making fun of my clothes. This was fine I did not mind, one of my friends Olga said good thing you are going to the gym. I ask why do you say that? She said you are getting fat in your belly you need to lose weight. Now, this hurt my feelings you are not supposed to say that. I laughed it off. This was good to hear, now I was so motivated to get back in shape.

I did in a few months the next time I saw Olga she told me you look great. I knew she was being honest with me again.

Her compliment was so great to hear knowing she meant it. What an easy way to live having friends and family be honest with you. Not having to second guess what people really think of you. The Ukrainian people are very kind honest and helpful. When you are with a beautiful girl it will be great most of the time. Be prepared to get told the truth when you ask a question. Do these girls like compliments? Yes, all people do or I should say most do. Give her a compliment and watch her eyes widen her big smile and the best she will kiss you on the cheek. 

Here are some of the compliments I have given to my girlfriends. First is tell her you missed her even if she has only been gone for a few hours. Tell her you like her butt, yes you read it right.

All girls know we men look at girls butts so be honest. It will get you far with these girls. Tell her she is smart that is if she is many girls go to college, have degrees. most girls have jobs they work long hours for little pay. Tell her she is a hard worker and is very responsible.

It would be so much easier if you would book a dating tour with me. I would coach you on what to say and do. How to win a girls heart. I would help you with the culture differences believe me there are a few big differences.

There are so many things I can write about on how to please your, Ukrainian girlfriend. Some phrases you would not say to a girl where you are from would make these girls very happy. But also some things you might say in your country would not be a good idea to tell them. Like, do not tell her she is silly, to them it is the same to call her stupid. Wouldn’t it be better if you had someone like us on your side? The things I have learned in the years of visiting Ukraine would be yours. You would not have to go through what I did.


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