Ukrainian Women

Why date a Ukrainian woman is it worth the money? Is it easy to marry a Ukrainian girl and bring her to your country? Do the women of Ukraine make good wives and mothers?


If I have not been to Ukraine so many times in my life I would be telling a different story now. The first time I was in Ukraine was one of the worst times but also the best time I have had in my life. If I only knew some of the dating cultures back then. But here is the problem no many people can teach you the dating culture of Ukraine. If you ask the women in Ukraine they will not tell you because they think it is the same as in America or the western world. I had to learn this on my own!

I think back it took me three years to learn how to date these women. Sure I knew how to meet women but had no idea how to date them.

Everyone has their own opinion about how to date Ukrainian women. Now if you are from Ukraine you know how to date women from your country. If you are not and maybe from America, there will be some confusion when and what to do. Can you walk up to a woman in the street and talk with her? No, and yes, there is a way to talk to a woman in the street but most of the time they have no time to sit and talk with you.

I remember a time when I walked up to a beautiful woman in the street, she was waiting for a bus. As soon as I walked over to her she held up her hand in my face.


Of course, I did not know what to do and was very embarrassed. A few days later I saw the same women in a cafe with her friends. I decided why not see if she will hold her hand up to my face again. I walked over to her table asked if she remembered me she said yes I do. I am sorry for the other day but I was very busy and you can’t talk with people in the street. She asked if I would like to join them for a drink? I was a little confused about what just happened. She explained to me why she did this, said I did not want to talk with you then. But now I am relaxed with my friends and we can get to know one another! This would never happen in America.

Even to this day, it is hard for me to forget I am in a foreign country and the rules are different. I date a girl from China for a few months talk about culture shock.

One evening we were going to a show in Las Vegas it was so crowded people everywhere it was hard to walk. We were bumping into everyone, I kept excusing myself for bumping people. My girl asked why do you say sorry all the time I said it is proper. She said in China we do not do this there are so many people that bumping into them is constant. So if we were to say sorry every time we would not get anywhere. When I think about it in Ukraine they do no say sorry for this either, unless it is for an older person.

The culture is a very hard thing to understand sometimes what is normal to one people is very offensive to another. Another thing if you have a dry sense of humor, wait until you know your women better than to make jokes.


They will think you are serious when you are just joking. I once told a girl as a joke I do not like Ukrainian girls! She was so offended, she told me oh you think you are a great American and we are just peasants right? It took me all day to explain I was joking but she really did not believe me. If you like a girl tell her do not joke about it, they are not like American women. When you tell a beautiful woman you are very cute she will love it and thank you. Tell an American woman the same and she will say I know!

 The beautiful women from the western world are very spoiled with all the attention they get. I dated a model a few time in Las Vegas they were so entitled.

I would ask why do you think you should get special privileges just because you are beautiful. She said I do not get special privileges, as she walked up to the front of the line at Starbucks to order. Even she thought she was normal like everyone else who had to wait in line. It must be hard to have men fall at your feet because you are beautiful. What do we men think she is going to ask us to take her out? Why do we do this then turn around say sexy women always use us, men? Or I would never date a sexy woman they think they are so special. Yes because you stupid men treat them like they are special!

 The Beautiful women are not the same. They think they are just normal, you know what they are just an average woman there.

Sweet Girl Julia

Sure there are those women that are so beautiful way above the rest. When you see one of these women you will be like I was the first time. Looking at her with your mouth open having no idea what to say to her. Some of these women are so incredibly gorgeous all you can do is look at them so I thought. Until I met Inna in Vinnitsa! The second I saw her I thought to myself she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Then I thought what does she want with a guy like me?

 We dated for three months but then I ruined it with my insecurities. Thought she was way too good for me! Only later to find out she did like me.

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