The Girls Of Vinnitsa

Vinnitsa Ukraine or is it Vinnytsa or Vinnytsya there are a few ways to spell this great city of Ukraine.

Pretty Girls From Vinnitsa

It means the Vineyard. I have spent more time in this city than any other in Ukraine. It is a place that you don’t want to leave the people to the cafes and let’s not forget the beautiful girls. Oh, and of course the famous Multimedia Fountain Roshen. The fountain display was built on the Southern Bug river, by Roshen Confectionery CorporationWhich is owned by the Ukraine president from Vinnitsa Volodymyr Borysovych Groysman. I don’t know what makes Vinnitsa so welcoming, but I do know if you decide to go there you won’t ever forget it.

I have made many friends in this city and probably the best place to meet a cute Ukraine girls to date. The girls here are not used to meeting English speaking men, but this is good.

I do not know how many times I have been interrupted by girls in this city so that they can speak with a native English speaker.


Some girls just sit and stare at me while I speak it was a bit odd at first, but now I understand why they do this. These girls are so cute and so curious to meet you to listen to you and date you! I will not brag, but I have dated over 20 girls in this city it is that easy. The first time I went to Vinnitsa was to meet a girl Katya I met her online, and we planned a date to meet. Katya was beautiful and also not at all interested in me as a person she was a professional dater. It took me about 3 hours to figure this out she knew nothing about me about anything I wrote to her in my letters. Lucky for me I met my new friend Inna she was so cute and very helpful to me in the following days. She knew I was not a player that I was serious to find a girl for a relationship, so she introduced me to many of her friends.

Every time I go to Vinnitsa Inna has more friends for me to meet sometimes I feel like a movie star.

It is hard to find that right girl for me but to be honest; there was this girl Marta. I was on my way to one of my

photo of Marta
Beautiful Ukraine girl Marta

favorite restaurants to meet some friends. As I opened the door to Tifels and walked around some tables there, she was sitting at a table. Marta was not an ordinary Ukraine girl she was amazing. Tall black hair and her eyes so blue I could not look away from them. What made me do it I do not know, but I walked right up to her and asked her” what is your name”? She stood up and said I am Marta who are you? I felt an instant connection with her as she did with me. She asked me what I was doing here I told her I was meeting some friends. I told her I would be right back, I went to my friends and told them I met this amazing girl. I said I would not join them for lunch and of course, they said go, be with the girl. I sat with Marta, and it was so nice her English was not the best but one of the waitresses help us communicate. We sat and talked for hours about everything. She told me she had a son and if it was OK that she had a child. It is sad that most single moms will never marry again, the men in Ukraine don’t want them.

Beautiful Ukraine girl Marta
Beautiful Ukraine Girl Marta

Marta was one of the prettiest girls I ever met in Ukraine; we continued to date for a few more days I took her to this place out in the countryside. Mill Falta Morgana a beautiful and romantic place. There is a terrace overlooking a lake everywhere it is green, and most times there are big parties at this restaurant. Here is the perfect place to take a girl on a second or third date. The price is not too expensive, two people with wine and desert about $30. But your girl will appreciate it very much, and you will be a star to her.

Vinnitsa is not a very fast pace city most of the time we would just walk to where we wanted to go.

In the city center, there are plenty of cafes and pubs and also tourist. A lot of Polish and Turkish come to Vinnitsa; I can only remember one guy from America that I met there.

This guy was a what most would call an American asshole! He thought he was so cool and talked down to the people there, but they put up with his attitude because that is how Ukraine people are. He was with a girl when I met him, he would get on his phone and call his buddy in Chicago. To talk business and make himself look important, but the girl was not impressed I saw. Later that week I saw him again but with no girl asked him where is your girl. He said I got rid of her she was not my type, I asked him do you want to find a nice girl. He said no I do not need any help as I watched him over the days sitting at the same cafe alone. Some people just have no class at all. I would like very much to bring as many good guys with me to this city my favorite place.

Vinnitsa Girl

You will be very impressed by the how clean and well kept a city it is, and you won’t believe the amount of single beautiful Ukraine girls. 

Sexy Girl Tatyana



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