What Is It About America?

When I am in Ukraine I hear this all the time America is a great place so why are you here in Ukraine?

Everyone wants to be like like us why do they want to be us ?? The women I meet are always so curious to know everything about me about my country. Some know more about America than I do! In this video, there is a Russian woman telling why it is better to marry an American man.

I remember a time when I was in Kiev just about a week after the Maidan incident it was a terrible day for Ukraine people. I went to one of my favorite cafes about 7 pm and there was no one there. I asked the staff why is nobody here? They said because people are still in shock. I did meet these 3 men they asked me to have a drink with them knowing I was an American. As we talked I was unaware of who I was talking with. One of them asked me if America would help them in this crises, I told them I am sure we would.

I said America loves the underdog and hates bullies so give it some time and I am sure we will be here.

As we talked one of the men said do you know what I wish for? He said America has 52 states and territories we want to be 53! I smiled and he said I am serious it would be our dream. The night went on and they told me it was late and they need to leave. As we were saying goodbye I asked one of them what do you guys do he said that is… Well, I can not tell you who he was but two of them were high ranking officials for the Ukraine government. I was shocked that these men even had the time to talk with me.

Pretty Ukraine Girl

 Ok now to the girls of Ukraine. After you find a way to meet a girl, there are about 15 to 20 minutes before they feel comfortable with you.

I often find the girls looking at me in silence, I used to ask them why but now I know. I am so amazed by this, they just want to listen to me talk. You see most girls or women in smaller Ukraine cities have never heard a genuine American speak. They are fascinated by us and once you gain their trust you will have a friend for life. Most of the men and women I have met I still keep in touch with. Oh and here is another misunderstanding, Ukraine men do not mind Americans dating or marrying their women. As a matter of fact, I have had many Ukraine men try to set me up with the female friends.

Why are these women so interested in Americans? Because of the movies and of course history.

If you ask a Ukraine what is their favorite song or favorite movie it will sure to be from the USA. Every city I go to, I see

Ukraine coffee cafe
Ted Coffee

English writing on buildings the name of streets and the cafes have some sort of English in the name. Almost every girl I met wanted to just listen to me and get to know everything about me and my country. It is not so easy to meet Ukraine girls but once you know the culture it can be very easy. After you meet a sexy Ukraine women what do you do next? Again there are some very big customs differences, do you shake her hand when you meet?

Is it polite to ask her name when you meet or is it OK to touch her?

I have to tell you when I first went to Ukraine I made so many mistakes with girls! There were times when I met a girl, I thought this girl likes me. Then 15 minutes later she gets up and goes on her way and me wondering what happened. It is easy to make a big mistake if you do not know the rules to be with a Ukraine woman. Once I learned the correct way to do it and what not to do. I had many dates that went very well and because I was an American I was excused from some cultural differences.

I remember there was a time I was in a nightclub and there were go-go dancers on stage. One girl, in particular, was a very good dancer and I watched her for some time.

When she had a break I wanted to tell her what a great dancer she was. As she was walking by I yell to her because the music was so loud, she did not hear me. When she walked by my table I grabbed her by the arm to get her attention.What a mistake that was. About 30 seconds later these two big bouncers were at my back yelling at me!! One took my arm and led me to a back hallway, I was so scared of what could happen. The two men were yelling at me in Russian and I had no idea what there were saying. Finally, I held up my hand and said I do not understand you.

They both stood there in silence for a few seconds and one said where are you from?

I said America Las Vegas and I said I am sorry. One of the men said what is it like there in Las Vegas? The other asked have you ever been to Tao nightclub? Question after question they asked about America and Las Vegas. I saw the girl standing behind the two men and I said I am sorry for grabbing the girl. One of them said don’t worry about the girl tell us about the clubs there and asked could we work in one of those clubs. I said sure you are both big guys I am sure you have no problem working there. So you see if you are polite and not one of those arrogant tourists you will get some liberties for being an American. I did see the girl later and apologized and she said are you really from Las Vegas?

Anna sexy Ukraine woman
Anna Sexy Ukraine Woman

 I have no idea why they like Americans so much in Ukraine. If you want to visit a country were most think of you as higher or better then they are Ukraine is the country you should go. You might also find the love of your life there!!

So come with me to Ukraine meet a great people and see a beautiful county.

if you have a comment or question write me.

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8 Replies to “What Is It About America?”

  1. I am keen to hear more about the social conventions over there and how different they are from western countries.
    it seems that most women here in the west are looking for the top 1{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f}er. Extremely rich, Extremely charismatic, Extremely influential.
    That is not something that 99{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of guys can live up to.
    What makes the Ukrainian women different?
    How long have you been living there?

  2. I have been back and forth between Ukraine and USA for over 7 years now. Sometimes it is hard to believe the Ukraine women are real. I hear from my female friend all the time I just want a man to care for me and love me. It does not matter what he does or how he looks the women are very simple kind and caring.

  3. Hi Rod, great post and I enjoy reading about your stories in the Ukraine. This maybe a pessimistic way of looking at it but do the Ukraine women really want just a simple caring relationship or are they looking for a free ticket to the land of opportunity?

  4. Hi, Lee isn’t it all the same way everywhere. We all want is a better life? The difference is the Ukraine women don’t ask for much only to be cared for. They will all work and help provide for their families and in return, you will have an amazing woman by your side.

  5. It’s always interesting to learn about other cultures and your site does that to a tee. Good job the site is very interesting and i learned about what russian women think of American men.

  6. It’s interesting to read about your experiences as you travel around and meet new people.
    I am sure there are some legitimate good women but countries like Ukraine, that have gone through many hardships, it is very easy to find a woman that appears to be the perfect woman and like you mentioned they only ask to be cared for (that is probably in the beginning).
    I think that before going into these countries one should do proper research like checking into their culture and political climate. I also think its important to experience things on your own and I am glad you are able to do that.

  7. Thanks it is what I am trying to do here correct all the misunderstandings about Ukraine. Please do not assume Russian Women and Ukraine women are the same the culture is close but the way they think is very different.

  8. Thank you, for the interesting comment! Yes, there are some women that are just looking for a free ride and then change after they have the man. But this is true in most societies. Yes, you need to research a new place unless you go there with a qualifies guided like me!!

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