Ukraine Mysterious Place

So you decided to travel to Ukraine.  

Is Ukraine safe for Americans? Yes very safe, in all my travels there not once did I feel scared or even intimidated. Most people will help you if you ask them, but here is the problem the language.

Most people in Ukraine do not speak English!!

They do however understand English because most schools required some years of English studies. This is what my friends tell me about Ukraine people. We are like pets when it comes to English we understand, but we can not answer back. It is nice to have some type of translator. 

I found that google translate is one of the best, it worked both offline and connected to wifi. Here is another thing everywhere you go a cafe nightclub hotels, and apartments all have free wifi.

I remember the second time I went to Ukraine after a great time I had in Donetsk I thought I would stay in Kiev this time. What a difference, a huge city people everywhere the streets in the city center are always crowded.It was so overwhelming for me this trip.

I thought I had Ukraine figured out, but I was wrong.

I stayed in a little studio in the center of the city very nice clean. I suggest if you go to Ukraine stay in apartment hotels are very expensive and sometimes the rules are hard. The hotels would screen your guests if you wanted to bring some friends to your room sometimes it was not possible.

So back to my trip, I went out the first day to take a walk in the city. It is easy to get lost in Kiev and do be honest the people walking in the streets are going somewhere to work or home from work, and they do not have time to talk. It is rude to stop someone on the street in Kiev to talk with them. I wondered around for hours looking for my apartment the streets look the same. I decided then to take a cab at that time taxi cabs were not cheap. I spent a lot of money this way 

I stayed in my general area afraid to get lost again, Kiev was a lot of work, and I was going through my money very fast. I finally settled in and relaxed for the first time. As I walked, I arena city ukraine Found a nice entertainment complex called Arena City. That is where I spent most of my trip. It has nightclubs five cafes and many girls there too. I was very disappointed in myself for not researching Kiev. I did not know to go to the parks, not the nightclubs. I did not even know where a park was at that time. So many simple things I could have done if I only knew what I was getting myself into. I passed by this big shopping mall every day and did not even think to go in and see what was there. I finally just stop being so scared and just played the stupid American. I did work, for the most part, yes I looked a little foolish, but I was meeting people. Some of the things I said that trip to girls I am a little embarrassed but at least I was not alone. I met Annueta she was sitting in a cafe I sat at the table across from her she was very cute.

I got up my nerve and walked to her and said do you speak English?


She looked up at me with these beautiful gray eyes, and said yes can I help you. I asked her what did she suggest that I order here at eat. She said I do not know this is my first time here and this cafe. No what do I do? Just then the waitress came up to us and said what can I get for you two. Annueta motioned for me to sit down with her and with the help of the waitress we ordered. We had some of the best Ukraine food I have ever tasted and with great company. As the day went on, we talked about our lives and what we wanted in the future. Annueta wanted to be a singer or a DJ she loved music since she was a child. I was so impressed with her desire and how she had it all planned out. Three hours later we decided to say good-bye. I wish her the best in her career and life we shook hands and I watched her walk away.

I met two other girls that trip.

Julia Pretty Girl

Anna was one, and there was Julia, but it was not as I thought it would be. I did not know the customs and the city was just too big. I wish I had someone to show me where to go what to see. But what was most disappointing was all the girls I saw there so many beauties everywhere. I could not catch any It was like fishing without a hook. If I just knew the simple things to do, if I were to have learned just a little Russian it would have been so much better. Ukrainians like it very much when you speak or try to speak their language. I had a good time but not great time that trip.

If you need that guide that person that made all the foolish mistakes so you will not have to. Write me!

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