What Ukraine Girls Like

In this video, there are some real girls answering honestly to the questions they were asked.

Ok I like this video, it is an honest and real portrayal of Ukraine girls the translation is a bit bad but I can help with that. The first girl is saying that she does not want to be the primary breadwinner in the family, yes she wants to work. All girls in Ukraine work it is their culture, but a lot of girls are married or live with men that do not work.

The fourth girl said she wants a wealthy man!

That was not what she meant she wants a successful man that has a job, not some millionaire. She also said Ukraine men do not respect their women not all but some. I have heard this from most girls I have dated. I am not saying Ukraine men are bad but most of the good men there are married.

Now the fifth girl is honest she wants a sugar daddy but also wanted to be protected and feel safe.I understand the new generation in Ukraine some of the younger girls are looking for a sugar daddy. And you know what if you ask them they will be honest with you. I was always told by some of my Ukraine friends.

If you don’t want an honest answer then don’t ask her the question.

There was a time when I felt some girls were very rude because of this fact. Once I was going on a second date with a girl and she said are you going to wear that shirt? I said why don’t you like it, her answer was no it is ugly. Another time I ask a girl does she like my music she said no it is very bad music. So you see they do not say what you want to hear just tell the truth. Even to this day sometimes I get a little shocked by their honesty.

There are so many different types of girls there but what I have found most want from a man is loyalty, confidence and a strong man in his demeanor. To be honest, looks are not so important to them sure they want a clean man. I have seen many gorgeous girls with what I would call a 3 or 4.

 Ukraine online dating sites can not offer what I can!

Elena Kiev

Is this what you are looking for on a real date?Most of the girls on these sites will lie to you and tell you exactly what you want to hear they are professional writers. You can even look up through the web online dating jobs, they will be a ton of them. If you have google translate on your computer type it in in Ukraine language and then search it. there will be page after page of online dating site jobs.

 With me, I will hold your hand as much as you need it but after the first day, your confidence will rise with my dating advice for dating Ukraine girls. You might even want to move there!

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