Ukraine Women Want??

 What does a girl want in a guy? Ukraine women or girls want to be wanted.

Do Ukraine women or girls see foreign men as rich all have big homes, and all live the good life? I have been asked many times do I have a maid do the cleaning or how many cars do I


have. They learn this from American TV and movies.

Most Ukraine women I have talked to want American German or French men. That does not mean they will not marry some man from Poland or Turkey. But from what I understand and see from my travel is a lot of European people think poorly about Ukraine woman about Ukraine in general. Now if you want my dating advice about dating Ukraine girls be kind to them. I have got many dates by just telling a girl she has kind eyes. A lot of  Ukraine women I meet over the years say their ex-boyfriends rarely complimented them.

I have many times been stopped or if I were in a cafe speaking English girls would ask if they could talk with me.

Ukraine women want happiness
My friends

You see in some of the smaller cities not many English speaking foreigners come to these towns. I have also been told you are the first native English speaking man I met. Then she would ask could we just sit so I can practice my English with you? The Ukraine people like Americans they want to be like America dress like Americans. I have even been told by some government officials that Ukraine wishes to be the 53 state.

A lot of  Ukraine women I met ask me how the people of your country will treat me if I come there? They also have a wrong idea that all American men are kind and would never hit or hurt a woman. In reality, men are men everywhere you have some good some bad. But I tell them if a man travels 5000 miles to meet a girl he is probably a good man, at the very least serious.

In the beginning, Ukraine girls are a little shy or cautious!

If you are a shy man, it will be hard for you to interact with these girls. The girls there like an assertive man, not to be confused with an aggressive man. They want to feel safe with you and once they do become comfortable with you. This is the best thing they open themselves to you. Ask them anything, and they will tell you whatever you like to know. Be ready Ukraine women always speak their minds.

You will never have to guess how she feels or how she feels about you. 

Just ask her if she likes you she will tell you, and if not she will also tell you that too, you have to have thick skin sometimes. Do not be insulted if she is honest it is the culture the women and girls are very strong in their personalities. If you ask a Ukraine girl do you like my cologne and she does not she will tell you don’t  wear that anymore.

But the big plus about them is when they like you they will treat you like a king.

The girls there are always feminine they dress to attract a man high heels nice clothes you will not see them in sweatpants. They like when you hold the door or help them be seated. She will wipe your mouth when you eat, and most will serve you first at the table. It is such a nice feeling to be cared for like this. All they want in return is the comfort to feel wanted to feel supported and to be heard. Give them a compliment, and it will pretty girlmake their day believe me even the prettiest girl needs compliments.

Most of the girls I have met are playful and happy and proud to be with an American man. Not because you have money, believe me, it is because of they like America and sometimes almost feel privileged to be with you.

                  Ukraine girls want to feel special.

Being with an American or foreign man makes them feel special. It is a little hard for me to believe sometimes that this beautiful girl I am with thinks I am better or special for them.

There are so many single girls in Ukraine, and most just want a nice guy, and with most girls, they do not care about your age or your physical appearance. It is not uncommon to see a 28-year-old girl with a 45 years old man. 20 years difference is not a big deal there. So what do they want to be treated like a lady?

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