Why date Ukraine divorced women?

I have dated and met many divorced women and girls in Ukraine! Some with children and some wanting to have children. Why are these women so approachable, what will you get if you marry one?  

Tati Divorced

I remember the first divorced woman I met in Ukraine Dasha was her name. She was so cute very friendly and did not speak much English at all. She was with a friend Marina another cute girl Marina was 23 at the time. It was over eight years ago, my first trip to Ukraine. It was an awful time that turned out to be one of the best times of my life. I went to meet a girl I met online. She did not show up, just another man that was scammed by a Ukraine online dating site.

But the best thing happened to me. I was in the park and feeling sorry for myself, and I met three sweet young girls. They helped me with the problem of being in a strange country alone!

They assured me it was safe and to go and introduce myself to people in the city. So I did, and this is where I met Dasha and Marina. Marina was the outspoken one spoke perfect English. Dasha quiet and so sweet I introduce sushi to Dasha very cool night. As we got to know each other, I started to feel Dasha’s pain and sadness. She seemed to be happy, but I felt there was something sad about her. One night while we were drinking beer, I said to Dasha why you are so sad? Everything stopped that moment! She looked at me a said, I just went through a bad relationship. I mentioned how bad could it have been?

Marina and Dasha talked in Russian; then Marina told me the story. How Dasha married a man and was divorced six months later.

They did not tell me why or what happened but I figured it was something very bad, by the look in Dasha’s eyes. She then said I am young only 25 and now divorced; my life is over. No Ukraine man will want a 25-year-old divorce girl what can I do? It is sad but most divorced women have a hard time looking for another man that wants them. I have not met one woman in Ukraine that has remarried to a Ukraine man. On other dating sites, they write how divorced women are very picky about marrying again. But the fact of the matter is most men do not want this. Let me ask you if you lived in a country where there are many available single women to date and marry. Would you date a divorced woman or a single woman that has not been married?

So many divorced women and divorce girls are hoping to get married again in Ukraine. They can not find many men that want this type of woman!

Dasha and MarinaOther divorced women, I met in Ukraine tell me the same thing they can’t find a man that will take them seriously. The girls with a child are even more of a lost cause. Most men when they hear these words from a girl”I have a child” they run far away. If you are a man in his thirties even early forties. There are so many girls and women looking to get married to a foreign man. I met a girl she was 28 had a child. I asked her if she would marry a foreign man, she said sure if I loved him. Then I asked what would be the age limit for you to marry a man. She said there is no limit; I wish he would love me, and care for my daughter and me.

Single Divorced Women

Over and over again I hear this from single moms and divorced women who will love me, Rod? Help me find a man that is not afraid of kids, find me and man that does not think I am damaged goods because I was divorced.

In every city I go to big or small, I see the same thing all these divorced women alone! I dated a few also, and most were very happy to date a man that was kind to them. If you think about it, Ukraine is a country that is very religious and it is not proper to get a divorce. It would have to be something terrible very painful to leave your spouse. It is happening more and more these days, what seems to be the problem? All the Ukraine women I dated or met only one would tell me what happened in her ex-relationship. She told me her ex-husband hit her when he was drunk.

One funny thing about these women they wanted to know why I was divorced. I am sure to see if I was a violent man too.

I will give you a big piece of advice when a Ukraine girl asked you about your past; please tell her. I do not like the rules, but this is how it is there. Be honest with her I assure you she will not look at you in a bad way. She wants to be able to trust you and for you to tell her some of your secrets. It will show her you are a serious man not afraid of his past. With Ukraine women gaining her trust is very important.  Once you have her trust, she will show you by opening up to you and not be so cold. You will then have a woman on her way to have strong feelings for you.

It is a great feeling to receive such care and emotions from  Ukrainian woman. Like no other woman you have been with, trust me.

Divorced Odessa Girl

Any man that is looking for a good woman should come to Ukraine with me. It is a great place to find sweet girls to date and if you are lucky to marry. Over the years I have seen some very happy men and also very happy women that found their love. A good friend of mine Jim, he is 25 and found the love of his life. He was an introvert and did not date very much here in America. He went to Ukraine met a girl and stayed with her for a month. Now I find out they will be married sometime this summer and he is no longer an introvert. What love can do for you right?

Come with me to Ukraine and find your love and also make, beautiful women the happiest women she can be!

If you have a question or comment please write me. If it is more on the personal side contact me!

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  1. Rod, It sucks that you were scammed by that dating site. It’s amazing that what could have been a disaster for you turned into a great trip. Now you are able to help prevent others from being scammed. I wish you and your customers the best of luck.

  2. Yes, what started as a problem turn into a solution that can have me help many people find their love. Thank you for the kind words!

  3. Hello this is the I am looking who is singer divorce women they have a child doesn’t matter I hope I’m treating part of my life I want only more respectable lovable women I am living in Dubai I am a self employee my nationality India more details after the constitution thank you

  4. Hello Prakash che, if you are looking for a divorced Ukraine woman I can definitely help you. There are many of these women and they will treat you with respect and more love then you would imagine. If you like we can discuss it more write me dateukrainewomen@gmail.com

  5. Need a Ukrainian divorced or widow between 30 and 40 with one or two children
    Black hair and athletic body. Must be a charismatic Christian. Willing to relocate.

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