Why “Date Ukraine Women” Is Different

What is different about personal date guide Ukraine? Is it an online dating company with a membership every month? Is it a Ukraine company? Do they help women or men while in Ukraine? What exactly do they do?

I have received many e-mails that ask these questions. I will answer them the best I can. What is different about us? We are not a Ukraine company, we do not have a big staff nor do we do any online dating services. I do not want to talk generally about the marriage agencies in Ukraine. From my personal experiences in the past 8 years, these companies did not care about me. They were about making money, it is a business that takes advantage of lonely men.

I was one of those men I used several agencies, I will not tell you all of them are bad. Some were not so greedy, made a few hundred off me. Some could have made thousands off me if I let them.

I have spoken with men that spent over $10,000 with these companies. This is how it works, there is a need for the men who decide to go to Ukraine to find love. Some men show up thinking there will be a woman to meet with them that they met online. Some women do meet these men, but for a big cost. You will be charged for everything you do in Ukraine. You will pay double or sometimes triple for an

Lugansk Women

interpreter that is not on your side at all. She will advise you on where to take your date, restaurants, cafes, and sightseeing. She will do everything to make the date as long as possible. If you decide to do anything different from what the interpreter asks the date will be over.

Ok now with personal date guide, this is what we do. We do no online dating you will not have a membership with us. No monthly fee no fake photos with untrue profiles. It is a one time cost for your 8-day tour.

In this time you will be able to meet and date as many women you like. We will have interpreters for you if you need them, the first 5 hours are included. After that, it will be $10 an hour or $80 a day. Some dates you will have with a woman could last 10 to 15 hours!This is great it tells me the woman likes the man. Here is another thing we do for you. We are on your side, the interpreter you will have is independent. Yes, she works for me, follows my rules. All that you pay her goes to her I do not get a cut or commission from her or him.

Now in this case you are paying them. So they will be on your side, not mine not the women you are dating. If the interpreter thinks for a moment the girl is not serious or trying to scam you.

The interpreter will test the Ukraine women to find out what her intentions are. People are people as they say not all are honest, not all are scammers. From what I have seen most Ukraine women are honest kind people. In saying this it does not mean some women or girls will take advantage of the men. See it from their side, a nice man from a foreign country wants to date her. It is special for most Ukraine women, they are excited.

This man takes them to a nice restaurant maybe buys her a gift or two. Treats her very well as she wishes to be treated. It would be hard to give this up, right? 

We will try our best to figure out what are her desires with you. I have known women to say, I just want to date this man but have no feelings for him. Some will be insulted to be asked these questions and leave, “probably a scammer!”. Some will be very interested in the man, when this happens we will coach you on what to do to win her heart. It has happened where some men do not mind she only wants a date or two. In some cases after a few dates, the woman starts to have feelings for him. If he treats her well with a kind heart, respects, and equality. Remember Ukrainian women are different they fall in love with there inner thoughts, not her eyes.

 Now the question who does personal date guide help? The company was started to help the men that were taken advantage of, then left to be stranded in Ukraine.

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Only to sit in their hotel rooms until it was time to go back home. This is what is giving Ukrainian women, also Ukraine a bad name. Our company helps Ukraine it help Ukrainian women, also the men that are looking for love. I had no idea this is what I would be doing one day with my life. Some call me the Ukraine Hitch, I like the title! Just like Will Smith, I am helping men that need help. For one reason or another, they have a hard time on their own. Most because of a bad period in their past. Like the Ukrainian women I help, they have similar stories.

 What exactly does Personal Date Guide Ukraine do? It helps people, I do not want to be so dramatic. But this is what we do, hopefully, in the future, we will be able to help more people in Ukraine.

From single moms to the 110,000 orphans. Also, another group that has only been in need for four years now, the displaced women and children. That had the unlucky fate of being born where now it is a war zone. These Eastern Ukrainian people that seem nobody knows about, might even no one cares about! I read an article about these women that live in an old four-story building, some in wheelchairs from the war. There is no elevator so they stumble down the stairs. Some of these women have children, they live on a very low income provided by the state. Did you know 80{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} to 90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of the Ukraine people are Christian? If you would like to read the article here it is Read.

I have always been a man that wanted to help those that either could not or did not know how to help themselves. if you want to come with me to Ukraine I will help you meet and date one of these beautiful kind women. Maybe you too can help a Ukrainian woman?

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6 Replies to “Why “Date Ukraine Women” Is Different”

  1. I have read a few of your articles or stories. I thought you were like all the rest only wanting money to use these women. I see I was wrong, I have not thought seriously about going to Ukraine. Now with your company, I have changed my mind. I hope to tour with you in the summer. Thanks Rod.

  2. Roger, thank you for the kind words. I would like very much to meet with you in Ukraine this summer, I have to tell you the summer months sell out fast!

  3. Hi Mr. Rod. God bless u. After reading ur blog & other comments ur very honest in ur business & settle a single mom is great holy work. working job & also single mom’s life is so painful i know very well bcoz i passed 2 years with my lovely sister who was single mom but now she is happy & marid.now i alone & come soon Ukraine to marry with only who having kid or KIDS i m 58 ruf & tuf body my what’s up +917016261674 india.Gujarat stae.waiting 4 rply.guide me how help me.search pro.40- 55age. If having kid 5-10age i thanks 100 times to u bcoz small kids are true copy of Jesus. thanks 4 sharing time 4 me. G.Singh

  4. Hello Singh, sorry for the late reply!! I would like very much to help you find a good woman with a child. These women are not desperate, but if they find the right man they will treat him with the most respect for helping them find love again. I will call you as soon as I can I am out of the country now but will be back soon. Rod

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