Help Ukraine Girls?

Why do I want to help single women of Ukraine? It is a little odd, there are so many foreign dating sites online. Most are there to help single men get married.

Why are there not any to help women get married? I think it is because maybe men are more open to see what is out there. So why do I do this? It has become a big problem in Eastern Europe not only in Ukraine. It is this way in Belarus and Moldova many single women but why? I know that in some countries the woman and girls are getting desperate to find love but also money for living. There are many small towns in Ukraine where there are no women. They have moved to Italy, Poland and Hungary.  Why for a job, it is sad the women leave their children and go to work in another country. In this documentary, it is hard to believe it is true but it does happen quite often.

I have met many girls in Ukraine that have tried this and come home with nothing. Only bad memories and stories about how poorly they were treated. A single woman or single mom in Ukraine does not have much choice for a job. Most women in Ukraine get paid less than a man, with the average salary is $200 a month. This is working 10 to 12 hours a day, it is not much, but they have to deal with it as they can. There are many single men but as I have been told a lot do not work. Now a Ukraine women can live alone or find a good responsible man! I have also met many married women that are the primary bread earners in the family. Ukraine women want to work they need to work and help support the family.

single Ukraine mom
Single mom Angel

I was going to marry a Ukraine woman I brought her to my home, she was great. Every day she would cook and clean and then wait for me to come home.

When I arrived, she would treat me like a king it was good to have such a woman. But she was bored and started to become hard to live with.You see the problem was she was still married.  She had left her husband some years back and went to Dubai to work. She filed for a divorce, the way it works there either party files and if after 25 days no one contest it the divorced goes through.

She was in Dubai for two years and thought she was single, but her husband contests the divorce unknown to her.

It was going to takes us more than a year to get her paperwork in order so we could get married. For more than a year she would not be able to work, and this started to get to her. Also to me, she started to complain and worry about having something to do. Of course, we wanted to be together all the time. After a few months of this complaining every day, when I came home we had a talk. Kris

Kristina in Las Vegas
Kris and Me Las Vegas

just told me how bored she was and I said you just have to wait.

She said I am tired of waiting; I thought it would only take 3 or months for me to work? Now it will be more than a year I will go crazy she said.

A few weeks went by, and it got worse, now she was depressed did not want to go anywhere just sit and watch TV. After a big argument, I told her to think about going back home to Ukraine. She started to cry and cry, but I knew this is all we could do was split up. I knew it would not work anymore so I told Kris she needed to pack her stuff and I would take her to the airport in the morning. That was the last time I saw her! We talked on the phone and skyped but the feelings were fading.

It was sad that it turned out like this, but that is how things work. But I have to tell you having her around, in the beginning, was great. Now I saw for myself what great women they can be.

Now I hope to do the same for other men just because it did not work for me I know someday it will. There are so many single girls that are looking for a kind man. Looks and being rich has nothing to do with it. This is why I do this bring western men to a country that has some of the classiest most appreciative women in the world. Ukraine is a place that is sometimes misunderstood and the people the girls of Ukraine are thought of poorly. I want to help these girls find a good partner in life someone they can trust and care for. I do this because I have compassion for good people.

I was once told by a Ukraine woman that if she were to marry a man from an English speaking country, it would be like hitting the lottery.

sexy women over 40
Sexy Ukraine woman Katya 43

I was puzzled, I said not all of these men will be rich. She answered I work seven days a week 12 hours a day to support me and my daughter. If I would only work 8 hours and five days a week, it would be a dream. Plus have a good man by my side it would be my lottery.

I can help you with the culture and custom mistakes many Western men make with a Ukraine girl. Something simple we in America would say to our woman. There it could be a date breaker!!

Come to Ukraine with us and meet the girl of your dreams we will make all the arrangements you just have to show up.

If you have a question or comment please write me.

If you want to find your sexy Ukraine woman and save her from a lonely hard life come with me to Ukraine

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  1. Hi there,

    What an interesting article that was. I really enjoyed reading it. I am already married, but I was just wondering, this may sound weird, do you pay for the ticket HaHaHa!

  2. Do you mean the airline ticket? If so then no I do not but it is not very much to fly there around $800 to $1000 from the west coast!

  3. Very interesting article. I am impressed by your dedication. I have never heard of Urkarine. I feel bad for them that some of them get mistreated. All women deserve good man and good life. Thank you for helping them!

  4. Thank you, I too believe a woman should be protected and loved. It is sad that more people do not know about this country. They are some of the best people I have met in my life.

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