Young Girls Date Older Men In Ukraine?

Ok, I am sure I will upset some people with this post, Why in Ukraine are young girls looking for older men?

It is not so simple of an answer, but I will write what I know and have had young girls, tell me the reason. Let us start with what most people think the reason is money; young girls want money. OK if this is the case why do some young girls in Ukraine have husbands twice their age, but he has no money? It is common in most of the smaller cities, where a girl 19 to 25 years old want to get married. The reason here I have been told is the girl wants a family and comes from a small village, and there are not many men. You might be surprised to hear this I was once approached by a girl with her mother in a small town she was young early

Pretty Young Girls

twenties. It was very odd what happened; I was sitting in the park with some friends. I saw these two walk by I smiled at the mom, and she stopped and said hello. We just talked for a few minutes, and I asked them to join us. The mom spoke English a little, and the daughter spoke pretty well. Over a few hours, we were together I found out they were from a farm grew potatoes and cucumbers.

The mom asks me if I wanted to get married again I said yes of course if I find the right girl. She then said you could marry my daughter!

I was shocked by this was not expecting this at all. The daughter said I would make you a good wife I can cook and do all house chores. I ask the girl how old do you think I am she said maybe 32 years old. I thanked her for that. I said I am much older than that; she said OK it does not matter all that matters if you will be good to me.


Pretty Vinnitsa Farm Girl

She said all young boys want is sex and to play with different girls, I need a real man. I looked to my friends, Daria said what is the problem? It is normal!

It is funny that we are all thinking if an older man is with a much younger girl he is a pervert right? But if a famous singer or movie star is with a much younger girl it is normal. Why do we think this way? In Ukraine, it is not that odd to see younger women looking for older men. I could not see myself doing this, but it does happen.

Now here is another type of young girl in Ukraine she is not really a gold digger like we think. She is called a sponsor girl.

A sponsor girl is a young girl 19 to say 24 years old she is very upfront what she wants from a man. She will look for a Canadia, Australian or American man. It goes like this she will be very friendly and a big personality when she meets you.

Sexy Girl Knows What She Wants

Your confidence will go so high because she will be very touchy with you. She will ask you to take her out to eat or to a cafe for wine.

When you get to know one another, she will tell you her plan. Where ever you are from she will say I always wanted to live there. Then tell you something like this, I do not like my country very much and want to leave. If you could help me I will be whatever you want me to be, your maid your lover whatever. But after I get my permanent papers I am on my own! So you will be with and care for this girl for two or three years. She will work and help support herself I have heard some of these couples stay together because they fell in love.

The last type I have found is the young girl that is looking for an older man it just happens this way. Most of these girls have not the happiest lives.

As in so many countries, there is the outcast the girls left behind. Most of these girls are strong independent it seems from the outside. But they are tired of being strong and want to be a fragile girl. I have met many girls like this; they don’t want to be played with. They want an older man 15 to 20 years older than they are. They need stability as I have heard from these girls they need a wall to protect them. They feel an older man would do this. I met a girl Inna she was very cute, she told me she wants to marry a man 40+ not some scared boy.

young Ukraine girl
Independent Young Ukraine Girl

She told me her story about how she left home when she was 14 and found a way to support herself. Now she is 25 has a good job and wants to find a good man maybe it is the daddy syndrome, but she was very sure about this.

We became friends, but I have not seen here for a few years maybe she found that man, I hope she did.

Ukraine is a country that feels good every time I good there. Over the years I have been invited to some of the darker parts of the culture.  Beautiful young Ukraine girls are much different than the young girls here; they look at life in a much different way. Most want a family to have a child and live a simple life with a man that will love and care for them.

If you want a girl that will sit and wait at home for their husband, these are not the girls.

They want to work and help support the family I do not think I have even met one lazy Ukraine girl. Over the years of me going to Ukraine, I see why foreign men come here. To find a woman or girl that is ready to marry. Not have a career or date a bunch of men, they want to settle down have a family and older men like myself feel the same way.

Do you want to find a good Ukraine girl, are you tired of the online dating game? Come with me to Ukraine and find that woman you will be proud to have. Please write me if you have a question, maybe you belong to a Ukraine dating site.

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7 Replies to “Young Girls Date Older Men In Ukraine?”

  1. Your article will definitely make some people mad and that’s totally normal.

    I’m not surprised at all that there are countries like Ukraine where younger women prefer to date or marry older men. And I think it is mainly due to the financial support older men can provide not only to them but to their entire family as well. Unlike younger men who are only interested in fooling around with girls, older men would want to have someone to be with.

    I’ve seen this scenery in my own country too. (And please don’t ask me to name it.) White males in their 50’s or even 60’s dating women as young as 16 and it often makes me cringe. I’m not judging them but I really think that there are other ways for these young women to help their families other than marrying men who are old enough to be their father or grandfather.

  2. Yes, Alice, this seems to be what is going on with young girls in many countries that have financial difficulties. I know it is also this way in Mexico and other Latin America countries. I don’t have a problem with a man being 10 years older than a girl but ya 25 to 30 is way out of line. This is another reason why I started this business I can help a man find a girl that is suitable for him.

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head I think most of these girls who are young think it’s a path to a easier life with more opportunities I’m sure if they was just given money they would take that instead. However I do think that some older guys would look after them better and if the girl has daddy issues then they can take advantage which is really sad. Everyone should be given the opportunity to make a better life for themselves without having to sacrifice their body.

  4. Yes, Deano, it is sad but sometimes these young girls go in it for the better life or money. But I have met some couples that in the end they stayed together and are very happy. One couple I know there is 20 years difference and have been together for 12 years now.

  5. Hello Mr. date guide I am a 45 year old man. What would be the age group for me in Ukraine? I dont need a bloody child to take care of. And I do not need some old woman trying to change me. What do you thinkl

  6. You are 45 most women over 30 are very mature and you could easily date a woman like that. Also, there are many say late 30’s to 50 that are amazing women.My answer to you is 30 to 45.

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