Why Go To Ukraine

Ok why go all the way to Ukraine to meet single girls?

When I first started my search, I thought the same thing. Go over 7000 miles just to meet a girl! Most men would not do this but they would if they knew what they would find there. It is not a dangerous place as some might think, it is very safe and hospitable.

If you have ever been in a relationship that was just boring or in a relationship that you were not appreciated Ukraine is where you need to go.pretty woman

I once had a friend that went to Ukraine his sister was getting married to a Ukraine man. Let’s say his name is Camron. So Camron told me about his travel plans and I said if you need any help I can give you some advice. Cameron said he has traveled many times and would be fine on his own.

Now Camron is not a good-looking man in his forties and does not date much.

So when he got there like most Americans, he was lost it is not Europe it is way eastern Europe nothing familiar at all with the USA. On the 3rd day, Cameron called me and said I need help. He told me he could not find girls and the ones he tried to talk with just held up their hard to him. Kiev is a funny place and very hard to get around in if you do not know it that well. I said Cameron where are you trying to meet girls, he said on the streets.

Cameron,  you don’t meet a girl on the streets of Ukraine, they are too busy to talk to you.

park photo
Taras Shevchenko Park

You go to a park! I told him where the bigger parks were in Kiev and said to just to talk girls. He called me the next day and said he did not meet many. I said what the parks are always full of people! I asked Cameron what type of girl did you talk to; he said the same as if I were there.

Older, my range 4 to 5’s I said Cameron you are in Ukraine you are at least a 6 or 7 there!

I told him to go back to the park and say this… which works most of the time to any and every girl you meet. I said even girls you could never get in America. I did not hear from Cameron for a few days, but three days later he called. He said it worked I talk to so many girls and most were friendly. Then I came to this cute girl and told her what you told me to say.

She had a big smile on her face! Then she asked me, do I like her I could almost not believe it.

Cameron’s Girl

We have been together ever since she is so cool and funny. It is great we are already talking about when I will come and see her again.

So why go all the way to Ukraine to meet a girl? Cameron was so happy and thank me over and over. I like to help people out!

In Ukraine, the girls are all looking to find that one man that will make them Happy. He does not need to be rich or live in a big house. But he has to be as they say in Ukraine. My man has to be my wall to protect me from anything and support me in what I do.

There are many single girls that have a child. It is sad these girls are almost undateable by Ukraine men.

A man in his forties is the best for these girls that range from 25 to 35 in age. They are looking for a man’s hand to help them and in return, she will be the most devoted wife and man could have. For a single Ukraine mom, it would be like winning the lottery.

You see Ukraine girls do not make much money and the ones that have a child live with their parents.

To have their own place is a dream for a single mom. I hear this over and over by Ukraine single moms. Now the girls that do not have a child are just looking for that one man. That they will be with the rest of their lives. simple momAgain a lot of girls want an older man more stable and ready to start a life with her. Not afraid of marriage!

The girls are not trying to leave their country! Most would not even try to move unless she had real deep feelings for a man.

In Ukraine they live a nice life, it is a very comfortable place, and their custom is family come first. So you would not find many girls that just want to marry a foreign man to leave her country.

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