Why Hire A Personal Date Guide

Why would you want to hire a personal date guide for Ukraine dating? Why not join a free online dating site? Is there a big difference in Ukrainian women dating? Why not take a day tour instead?


I have been asked these questions a few times by men that have no Idea the differences between the western world and Eastern Europe. If you are a serious man with intentions to travel to Ukraine to find love, either go at it alone or hire me. Most online dating sites are not interested to help men date real women. Even the women on their site are not real.

I am so curious why would a man spend thousands of dollars to chat with a girl online. You are going through a third party that makes millions off stupid men.

How do I know this? I was one of those stupid men. I do not want to think about how much money I spent looking for a Ukrainian woman online. But I can tell you it was over $4000 in a 3-year period. I got nothing from these sites except for more money out of my pocket, when I traveled to Ukraine alone. If you come with me to Ukraine as your personal guide I can promise you will meet real Ukrainian women or girls.

Many ask me about the cost of my services some ask why so much? The men that have been to Ukraine to find love but only were scammed by greedy dating agencies, ask why are you so cheap?

A few men I have met told me they spent over $10,000 looking for a wife in Ukraine. I always argue why would you want to prearrange a date with a woman in a foreign country? I have been to many countries, not once did I think to look for a woman to date online. I have been to Belgium, Netherland, Germany, and other European countries. I have date women from a few countries none were prearranged! So why do it this way in Ukraine? Because the dating companies want you to so they can make money off lonely men. Writing paid women and men to pretend to be interested in you. So you will send more letters, to chat more and buy more credits.

If the online dating agencies were really trying to help men and women meet from around the world. Why no guarantees?

I will guarantee you will meet real Ukrainian women in Ukraine. Here is what they should do if they were honest to give you half of your money back if the girl you are chatting with does not meet you in person. Why would they never do this because they are not in the dating business they are in the online scam business. Most sites say they have real photos and verified profiles. I have joined many of these sites as a girl. I showed no identification I sent in photos from a free photos site some girl I never met. Next thing I knew I was a verified member. I wrote letters to men, the most pathetic thing is they wrote me back. Men that are falling in love with a photo. It is that easy.

I was there too one day until I stopped being a scared American man. I made some friends in Ukraine both men and women. Over the years with there help and my learning from bad experiences.


I came to realize Eastern Europe is different in many ways of thinking. For instance material things, when a woman gets engaged she does expect a ring. A simple ring maybe a diamond with .20 to .25 carats. Nothing elaborate. Not like American woman that want to upgrade their wedding ring every few years for bigger and better. I was engaged to a woman from Ukraine. One day as we were out shopping I saw a little kiosk that sold costume jewelry.

I decide to buy her a rind at that moment, then ask her to marry me. We had been together for 8 months then.

She saw what I was looking at so she decided to go to the restroom. I know she knew what I was going to do! The ring cost me $35 dollars it was nice but not real. When she came back from the restroom I walked her outside by a park got on my knee, asked her to marry me. She started to cry I stood up she grabbed me and said, of course, I will marry you. When she came to see me in Las Vegas we were at the mall I wanted to get her a real diamond ring. As we walked into the store she said what are we doing here, Rod.

 I wanted to get you a real ring. She said I do have a real ring it is on my finger. I said but don’t you want a real diamond?

She said when you gave me this ring it was one of the most special days of my life. I will never take off this ring. I have a real ring and I have a real man what more can I ask for? The people of Ukraine have a great appreciation for honesty and profound actions of their loved ones. She would tell our story to her friends show them the ring I gave her, she was so proud of such a simple ring. They can be very simple people, this is one of the things I love about Ukraine.

 Another way of thinking they have that is different is family. Family always comes first for the Ukrainian people.


I have dated girls that would not want to marry me because they could not leave their mom. Yes, you are probably thinking she wanted me to also bring her mom with her to live with us right? They both asked me if I could live with them in Ukraine, we could move in with their mom. Or we could get an apartment as long it was in the same city where their mom lived. It is not about money for these lonely women, as so many online articles written. Telling us all the Ukraine women want is money be careful you will be scammed by these women. No, you will be scammed by the dating site.

The single moms of Ukraine are the best women, in my opinion, to marry they have had a tough life.

They are looking for a good man he does not have to be rich. But he has to be at least a friend to her child. They do not expect you to be a father to their child. Another group is the divorced women, most Ukrainian men will not marry a woman that was divorced. The Ukrainian culture is very different from ours. Another thing they think different is sex, yes sex. When I discovered they way most women think about sex I was a little shocked. At that moment I thought she must be joking. There is a relaxed feeling when it comes to sex.

If you knew how these women feel about sex you might not believe it yourself. I will not tell you how they feel and give away this secret.

Katya Kiev

Book a tour with me I will teach you all there is to know about the beautiful woman of Ukraine. This is why I charge so much over the years all the time I spent all the money I wasted. I now have a good understanding of the Ukrainian culture, more importantly, the dating culture. The men that have been to Ukraine and failed know what I do can be priceless!! I do no online dating it is real dating in Ukraine. With women and girls that do not belong to online dating sites.

The normal natural way of dating. If you look up the word dating it says( dating: Of a couple, to be in the early stages of a relationship where they go out on dates to find out what each other is like, as a prelude to actually being a fully-fledged couple.)

How do you go out on a date through the internet? Shouldn’t it be called virtual dating or maybe a site to look at sexy photos for lonely men? Only to find out later it was just a photo of some random girl. You actually wrote a man in Uganda! Come with me to Ukraine have the time of your life maybe find the woman of your life.

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  1. Hi Rod, I like the way you tell a good story. I would like to have a story of my own one day with a sexy Ukrainian woman. Can you please help me?

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