Online Ukraine Dating Sites Don’t Work.

Ukraine dating agencies are not what they seem to be.

Ukraine scammer
Ukraine Scammer

So many say sign up for free, or this Ukraine dating site screen all are girls all our girls are ready to marry an American man. They are in the business to make money online not by helping men date Ukraine girls. Most do not even have a way to help men date in Ukraine. Let me ask you something, why do you have to meet a girl online. So you meet a girl from one of these agencies or online sites, you write her letters and then hope to meet her in person. OK let us just say the girl you are writing is real and serious to meet you.

So you fly to Ukraine and are met by some dating agency representative. Not by the girl!

She will be busy at work, or her mom just became ill or some other excuse.  Yes, this happened to me two times not afraid to admit it. The first time no one showed up at all, and the second I was told her sister became ill in a different city.

Let me tell you about a future client of mine his name is Mark. Now Mark met a girl on one of those very popular dating sites has over 100,000 members. Now on this site, you can chat with her live, or it seems to be live you can see her, but she can’t see you on camera. I asked Mark how much do you think you spent getting to know this girl online.

He told me about $600 over two months plus he sent her $200 so she could meet him in Odessa she was from Donetsk.

He has not ever met this girl in person crazy right?  So he goes to Ukraine flies into Kiev and then takes a train to Odessa. He arrives in Odessa in the morning, and she is to arrive early the next morning 5 AM. Mark was

Odessa apartment
Odessa Apartment

asked by the girl if he would get her and her son a hotel room because she does not know him! He does it cost him $400 for five nights he wanted to get her a nice place. Now if it were me I would have gotten her an apartment at half the price, and it would be nicer.

Mark has now spent $1000 on this girl he does not even know if she will show.

He did talk to her on the phone, so it looks like she will meet him. Elena did show up at 7 AM the next day; Mark said she was tired from a long train ride and wanted to go to her hotel room to rest.

Mark just sat in his hotel room and watched TV Ukraine TV. Around 1 PM Elena called Mark, and they met. Mark was pleased with the way she looked he said she was a little shy at first. They went for a walk by the Black Sea and had a good talk, but Elena’s son was very wild he told me. Not much personal time for them, around 6 PM Elena said she had to take her son to the hotel room. She said she would see him

Elena date scammer

later, Mark waited and waited and finally called her at 9 PM. Elena said she was too tired to go out then and her son should not be out so late.

Now Mark goes to his room and sleeps no Elena no dating no personal time.

 In the Morning Elena calls and wants to meet in an hour, so they met a 12 PM went to have lunch and did a little shopping for her and her son. With Marks money of course. Again at 6 PM, she wants to go back to her hotel. Mark agrees, and goes back to his hotel and sits at the bar. The next day Elena calls and wants to go to the beach she is in a good mood this day because she asked a friend if she would meet her and Mark.

Now Mark is getting suspicious there was no mention of a friend and the friend has a child too. They go to the beach, Elena wants a cabana in a fancy beach resort. She tells Mark it would be so nice for him to do this for them, poor guy I am thinking. They get the cabana and food and wine and more food.

He said they stayed the whole day there and the bill came to $350 plus $20 for the towel rental.

Again he does not see Elena at night three nights and just left alone; Mark asked Elena if her friend could watch her son so they could go out. She said no my friend lives far away and she needs to take her son home. Now Mark decides to be a spy and sit in front of Elens hotel the whole night if he has too.

Sure enough, he sees Elena and her friend all dressed up and jump into a taxi.

Mark because he did pay for and his name is on registration decided to go to her room. He asked the front desk who remembers Mark if he could have a spare key. The clerk gives it to him and then the clerk ask where is your girlfriend? Mark asked what do you mean, and the clerk says every night she gets all dressed up and says she is going to meet you.

Mark was so mad at himself and goes to her hotel room, and there are the two kids five and seven years old alone.

In the morning Mark goes to Elena hotel room and knocks, she comes to the door and asks how he can be so rude just to show up unannounced? She told him he is a rude man and she will not put up with this kind of man. He asked where did you go last night she was speechless what do you mean. He told her what the front desk clerk said, and the boys told her I was there last night. Mark told her she needs to leave now!

Elena said how you could just throw a child and a girl into the street.

Mark said you will figure it out a scammer like you I am sure you will be okay. The hotel clerk heard the argument and asked what they could do for Mark he said just get them out. They did what he asked, and one of the female clerks said many girls do this find a foreign man meet him in some resort and they have a free vacation on him.

Mark figures he spent over $4200 on this 3-day fake meeting.

The day I met Mark, and he told me this story I was not surprised. I said why did you just stay in your room every night he said he did not know the city or how to get around, so he just stayed at his hotel! I said Mark you were in Odessa thousands of beautiful girls there are so

black sea
Black Sea

many things to do. The nightlife is great there Arcadia beach clubs not even a 10-minute walk for you. He told me well when I come to Odessa with you I am sure I will see the best places.

I said, Mark, when you are with me, and the girl does not work out, there is much more to date. But he would not be with a professional scammer with my company.

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