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What would help you meet and date the beautiful Ukrainian women or girls? A personal date guide like me. I have helped many men in Ukraine date beautiful women. I take out all the guesswork, from the date customs to how to get around in Ukraine.

I have for over eight years been dating Ukrainian women. I first used anastaisiadate it did help me meet a few women online. It was very difficult until I learned some of the rules. Slavic women can be a challenge to understand, how their mind works. For one thing, if she tells you something she means it, there are no head games with her. If you are too old she will tell you if you are you fat she will tell you. You need to have thick skin most of the time. When she does like you, start to trust you it will be like no other woman before.

I have been getting a lot of emails asking what exactly do I do for you. What would a typical tour with me be? From the beginning, we will pick you up from one of two airports in Kiev.

Imagine Meeting Her!

Bring you to the apartment office where you will be given your keys, and escorted you to your apartment. Which is included in your tour package. Me or one of my staff members will instruct you on how to get in and out of the apartment. We will give you a quick tour of the neighborhood. Places to buy water and some essentials you made need during your stay. It will not be a formal tour like some expect. I will not give you a tour of the city sites, this will be done by the women you date. Most Ukrainian women are very proud of their cities, it will be a must for them.

The reason why I like the number of guests for me to be 4 or 5 is the interaction. Most women are not easily persuaded to meet a man by himself.

It will also be better for you and your date to have another couple to interact with. It is not a must but it seems to work better. That is unless you want to take a private tour only you, we can accommodate this for a high price. When you first arrive the group of men on the tour you pick will be together the first night. It will be a chance to acclimate yourself to the city you decided to visit. All tours start in Kiev for the first night! I have been told by some men the program if you will for the first night is unforgettable. I do know what I am doing after all Ukraine is my second home.

Here is where I am different in the way I give my tours! I charge upfront the total cost of the tour. There will be no surprise charges, some charge you by how many women you meet. I will provide interpreters for each man 5 hours included.

After the five hours, you will pay $10 an hour or $80 a day to the interpreter her or him whom eve it will be. The only other money you will spend is on the woman you date if you would like to buy her a gift and food. The apartment is included round-trip transfers to and from the airport. Also if you decide to tour Vinnitsa I will pay for the train to and from. You ask why a train? Simple the chance of you meeting a woman on a train is very good. I have met many women on Ukraine trains.

Vinnitsa Girl

After the first night, we will split up into two or three groups however it works out. Some men have traveled with a friend or buddy which make it more enjoyable.

I promise you will have some great stories that your friend back home will not believe! My friends back home to this day still do not believe some of the crazy times I had in Ukraine. OK, we are now in groups, here is what we will do depending on the time of year. Go to parks shopping malls try to blend in with the locals, which will never happen! They will know we are not from their city, which is good very good. It will not take long to meet women this way, even if you have no game you will meet women. For those of you men that are shy if this does not work. I know plenty of women to introduce you to.

 Here is what is good about the way I do it. In the prosses of exploring the city, you will be open to view see more women this way.

Very Cute Woman

It is always better to see a beautiful woman in a cafe or walking in a mall. You get that feeling inside you wow I would like to meet her, we walk up to her a meet. Isn’t this better than looking through hundreds of photos most photoshopped on the internet? It is more natural don’t worry if you are not used to meeting women this way. Believe me, it will work because you have me to show you what to do what to say. Yes, my advice is also included!  After you become more comfortable being in Ukraine, meeting the woman learning from me. You will not need me any longer.

I have received a few e-mails from clients that went to Ukraine on their own after a tour with me. Two met a woman, the first was married three months ago, the other will be married this summer.

When you learn the cultural differences, the dating rules it will be much easier than to show up in Ukraine without a plan. Or to think some online dating company has your back! I tell everyone that ask why no online profiles, Rod? Because I do not work online I work in the real world, not a virtual world. I used the online dating sites for several years had some really nice virtual girlfriends. The big problem with a virtual girlfriend is you can’t meet her, she is not real.

 I hope to help more men, in the prosses I can help more Ukrainian women and girls. I have read countless articles on the women to men ratio in Ukraine some say it is three to one some even higher.

I do not care what it is, I do know there are a lot of single women looking for a good man. I will tell you one thing these women do not like is an arrogant or conceded man. Do not try to impress them be as honest as you can with these women. I will be having tours all throughout the year. If you have a special request or would like to bring a group of friends we could make some arrangements. I only ask you to give me a month in advance notice. What other sites do this? If you would like to check here are two very popular online sites. Go Date a lot of enhanced photos of women. Or AnastaisiaDate I have used this one myself. If you would like a good online girlfriend these are the best!

Come with me to Ukraine have the time of your life and maybe find the woman of your life.

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10 Replies to “Your Personal Date Guide”

  1. This is a great idea, I have been to Ukraine and it sucked. Honestly I did not meet but only 2 girls but it was just a scam. Can I call you so we can discuss it more?

  2. David, I am sorry you were scammed, it happens to many men that go to Ukraine. This is why I like to do this be your personal guide. You can call me any time David.

  3. Derrick, I can help most men from many countries. From all over Europe, Australia, to Canada, even India, and Turkey. I will be the same cost!

  4. why does this happen men get scammed in Ukraine? does it happen in other countries? I would like to have a consultation with you if you do not mind Rod.

  5. Hello Carter, It happens because there are always people that take advantage of others, in every country. I will email you Carter so we can set up a consultation over the phone!

  6. I like your way of doing things, what assurances do I have you will find me a wife? I am an older man over 45 and I hope to find a good woman.

  7. Hello, Aurthor, I do not promise you anything more than you will date a Ukrainian woman. Your age is not a problem, you will find many women to meet.

  8. After finding a good degree of satisfaction and accomplishment in most other realms of my life; I still find myself (eagerly) searching for love in all the wrong places. Sometimes it seems to me that American girls take things for granted. I just want someone who appreciates my love and is real… In what ways would you say that Ukrainian women are so different from American women??

  9. Hey, Damon thanks for the great comment. How are they different? Physically they are the same for the most part. The way they think and the way they have no problem telling you the truth is so different. There will be no mind games with a Ukrainian woman! Another big difference is their way of showing affection to their man. If you do not like a woman that will want to touch you a lot hold your hand then find another type of girl. Ukrainian women want everyone to know this is my man!!

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